What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Apartments or Houses?

Are you thinking of renting or buying your own property, but you don’t know whether to choose between a house or an apartment? In this post we will show you what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in apartments or houses. Making the right choice will allow you to live calmly and enjoy your home day by day without regret.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a house


  • Provides more space and freedom; ideal for large families with children and pets. By having a spacious house you can have a garage, several bathrooms, a patio, a recreation room, a garden and several pets.
  • There is more privacy because the walls and ceiling are not in contact with the neighbor’s, since the houses are a little apart.
  • You can carry out renovations or extensions without the need to ask permission from third parties; however, in some urbanizations there are regulations that regulate remodeling.
  • You can invite friends and family without worrying about disturbing anyone.
  • You will not be disturbed by the noises of the neighbors.
  • You can perform changes to the facade so that the entrance reflects your personality and makes a good impression on your guests.
  • You do not have to share a garage, access or common space with the neighbors.

two story house with garage and glass windows


Positive and negative aspects of living in an apartment

Positive aspects

  • The departments they are cheaper, perfect for simple lifestyles. When buying an apartment the mortgage payment terms will be shorter.
  • As space is small, it is ideal for singles, seniors or couples without children.
  • They provide greater securityMost of the buildings are located in private areas which have a security guard and a porter service that controls the entry and exit of strangers; among them we can mention the popular delivery service.
  • They do not require much maintenance because they are small spaces.
  • Most of the apartment complexes have an excellent location; This is because they take up less space and are easier to locate in the city center.
  • The expenses of the services are shared between the owners of the condominium; also many have plumbing service, electrician.
  • Some buildings have a gym, tennis court, swimming pools or meeting rooms.

building facade and functional mini room

Negative aspects

  • Not much privacy because the walls, ceiling and floor are shared with the neighbors.
  • Open spaces such as parks, patios or swimming pools are common spaces that have to be shared with neighbors; but this is usually an advantage for some people.
  • Deal with noise neighbors make like loud music, arguments, or appliances on. Although this issue is a matter of luck because just as there are problematic neighbors, there are neighbors who respect the rules of coexistence.
  • In most departments pets are not allowed.
  • In some buildings you have to request permission from the administration to carry out renovations or even hold social gatherings.
  • There are rules of coexistence in order to help everyone live in harmony.
  • The monthly maintenance fee in some residences is very high.

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Before deciding on a house or apartment you should analyze the advantages and disadvantages that each of these homes offers; you should also consider what the family’s needs are and how much money do you want to spend, since the amount will tell you what type of home you can buy and in what location.

Since the location plays an important role in choosing the home, you should find out what the area where the house or apartment is located is like; too find out about safety, the rules of coexistence, schools and transportation; All this information will help you make the best decision.

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