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Today the services of cloud computing They are in high demand from work teams, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations, thanks to the great benefits it offers. This industry coexists several of these platforms, such as Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, but the one with the most experience providing cloud services is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We will explain what the advantages and disadvantages migrating to the AWS cloud. We have already explained what AWS is and how it works before, but in this article we will show you the benefits offered by migrating the infrastructure of your project, business, company or organization to this platform. And also what are the weak points of this robust area of ​​cloud computing.

Advantages of migrating to the AWS cloud

The fact that AWS has more than 10 years of experience in cloud computing guarantees many benefits from the platform. Not for nothing, many renowned organizations entrust their data, projects, analysis, reports and even their entire infrastructure to this service. The main advantages of AWS are:

  • The most extensive network in data centers around the world: This provides a great reliability and security in its services and in the network infrastructure it offers to its customers. Its extensive experience has also allowed the range of services it offers to be much broader than that of other similar platforms.
  • Excellent flexibility for projects development: Regardless of the kind of product, project or solution that you must build in your work team or company, in AWS you will find all the necessary services to carry it out. The tools are very adaptable and easy to customize according to the needs of each environment.
  • Low cost and savings opportunity: By not having to invest in hardware and software maintenance and renovation, you can focus on the fundamental objectives of your company or organization. In addition, AWS charges only for the use of the services and is scalable, an example of this is the prices and features offered by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

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Disadvantages of migrating to the AWS cloud

Although the potential of AWS is really great, there are cases in which the services, the work structure and the management of the platform can be negative. Therefore, taking into account the characteristics of your company, organization or project, you should take into account the following disadvantages that you may have when migrating to the AWS cloud.

  • Very complicated for inexperienced users: If you want to do simple tasks or build software on your own and you are inexperienced, AWS is not the best option for you. The tools are somewhat complicated for beginner users, in these cases you better decide to create an account on Google Cloud, its tools are easier to use.
  • It is not adapted to specific environments: Being such a large and varied platform, it is very easy to get lost among the amount of services offered and to leave aside the focus of the work, project or the needs of the company. If you are looking for a platform with tools For regulated environments, AWS is not the best choice.
  • Difficult budget and cost planning: While for some cases the usage charge may be an advantage, in others it may not. When cost planning is strict it can be very difficult to determine what the total charge will be for the services purchased, especially when the workflow is more intense.

As you can see, much of what a cloud computing platform can offer you depends on the needs of your project, company or organization.

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Therefore, although migrating your work infrastructure to the cloud is a good decision, choosing the right one is somewhat more complicated. If you plan to migrate to AWS it is important that you document yourself about everything it can offer you, and you will get detailed information on its website.

Also, remember that you have at your disposal various options in cloud services with different characteristics. So whatever your needs in development, storage or management tools, there will be a platform with the ideal elements to achieve your goals.

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