What are the Basic and Common Types of Organizational Structures in a Company?

Developing an organizational structure in a company is one of the most complex things to do. For this we must take into account some factors of the company and especially the qualities of each employee. The bad elaboration of this can imply losses and even tragedies to the company long or short term.

These allow for a boundary between employees Due to the hierarchy or rank that this system grants to each one, and in this way the formality within the work environment is maintained.

It’s important pointing that there is no exact formula or general for the elaboration of these as it exists to elaborate the statistics applied to the business.

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First we must establish the function and goal of the company, after this, have knowledge and information about its employees to be able to assign them in an area where they feel confident and useful when carrying out their activities.

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What are organizational structures of a company?

The organizational structure is the system chosen to assign both the means of an organization and the staff of workers. This is done using a hierarchical system, that is to say that the work obligations and responsibilities are distributed in a system similar to the structure of a tree.

Its main function is to establish authorities, a chain of command, ranks, organization charts, among others. These structures are the way that each company has distribute to your employees and assign tasks to each other.

In other words, it takes care of establish the tasks that each member of the company has to develop for this reason it must be well prepared. Through these we can have knowledge about the types, techniques, methods and methodologies of training and staff development.

To create an organizational structure for a company, several factors must be taken into account, such as defining the goals and objectives of the company, specifying the authority of each member of the company, establishing information systems and their flows, locating each employee according to their skills and performance, taking into account the objective of the company and include hierarchy levels if we want them to work properly.

Basic and common types of organizational structures in a company

Among the most common types of organizational structures we have the functional organizational structuresThis is usually centralized, it depends almost entirely on the decision of the bosses. Divisional organizational structureThis is decentralized, which takes away authority from the central organization.

Matrix business structure, this allows high levels of direction and coordination, however, it is one of the most complex.

Networked business structureThese can be messy, informal and chaotic and at the same time be one of the most agile and innovative creators.

Business structure by projects, is generally the one that is applied when you only have one objective in sight, it is made especially for an achievement.

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Importance of organizational structures in companies

A well-established organizational structure works to meet the objectives of the company, focusing well on the qualities of each employee.

Being well distributed, workers will not have doubts about the chain of command of the company and how the organization of the same works and they will have security at the time of perform their duties.

Organizational structures help notably when it comes to achieve a goal to achieve the success of the company. These make up the separation and assignment of work tasks to each employee, who must be informed of it, since it is information that they need to take into account when a mishap occurs so that they can quickly locate their colleagues if necessary.

All the types of businessesWhether large or small, they require a type of organizational structure. Which allows you to set a goal and not deviate from your goal.

It also allows to facilitate daily tasks, since a good organizational structure allows each employee to be located in an area according to their skills and abilities, where their performance grows.

The organizational structure of a company is as necessary as strategic planning in companies to be successful, and the lack of one, or poor elaboration of this, it would only generate misfortunes in the consolidation of a company in its growth.

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