What are the Benefits, Characteristics and Objectives of ISO 9000 Standards?

Anyone who knows the responsibilities of a quality manager in a company should learn about ISO standards. Therefore, in case you wonder What are the benefits, characteristics and objectives of ISO 9000 standards? Read carefully this guide where we talk about it.

What are the ISO 9000 standards?

The ISO 9000 standards They refer to a set of statutes designed for the quality management of companies. Certainly keeping a check on the quality of the products or the work carried out by a company is essential. Even so, in olden times there were no regulations and it was difficult to establish an adequate development.

This type of norm then arises for give a guide and at the same time a guarantee in terms of quality. Specifically, the ISO 9000 standards would see the light in 1987, seeking to be the standard in terms of quality management for companies.

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ISO 9000 refers specifically to the way in which companies and various organizations carry out their activities, focusing on quality. It is important to note that ISO 9000 is not the only type of standards, in fact, there are differences between COSO, ISO 27001 and COBIT standards, which also include the 9000.

iso 9000 standards

The benefits, features and objectives with ISO 9000

ISO 9000 standards can be very efficient, but first it is necessary know its characteristics. In turn, it is recommended that you inform yourself about its benefits before applying it.

Characteristics and the seven principles presented by ISO 9000

  • They focus on the customer: Through the ISO 9000 standard, it seeks to meet the needs of customers, adapting the company to meet expectations.
  • It takes into account leadership: Leadership is essential within the organization of a company, therefore, it is established as a primary principle for success.
  • Create the commitment: All individuals in a company or organization are relevant, this type of norms seeks the commitment of each one of them with the purpose of improving.
  • Its approach is based on procedures: the management of activities and resources as processes has proven to be efficient and is established in the ISO 9000 standard.
  • Look for the improvement: ISO 9000 establishes the importance of continuous quality improvement in companies and everything related to company improvement.
  • Decision making is based on evidence: Decisions are not made lightly, they will only come from doing a thorough analysis.
  • Relationship management: The relationships between the members of a company and those outside involved is very important to achieve the objectives. Therefore, there will always be an approach that focuses on the correct management of relationships.

Benefits of the ISO 9000 standard

Once the steps of total quality management (TQM) are understood, it is concluded that the benefits are diverse provided by ISO 9000 when properly worn. Here are some of the most relevant.

company application standards management

Establish organizational points

Undoubtedly, the main foundation of this type of norm is that it creates the foundations as regards quality issues. Knowing the ISO 9000 standards is a good start to achieving business success, since certainly the quality management It is essential for the proper functioning of a company.

Get back to the most competitive company

Improving the quality of products and services will put the company in the forefront, making it stand out in the sector for which you work. Certainly the application of standards such as ISO 9000, have proven to be efficient for the general improvement of companies.

Most organizations that use the ISO 9000 standard they become more competitive companies and in general terms of better quality.

Help with the company’s image

One of the most interesting aspects is that ISO 9000 standard can be certifiedIn other words, the company can receive a certification of its employment. Certainly this helps to a great extent to improve the image and demonstrate professionalism to the possible clients that we have.

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