What are the Benefits of Obtaining Credits in Coppel? – Advantages and disadvantages

If you are thinking of looking for a lower loan, Coppel could be a valid option because it is present throughout the Mexican Republic. This is why we will talk about What are the benefits of obtaining credits in Coppel? – Advantages and disadvantages.

What is Coppel?

Coppel is a company of Mexican origin specialized in the sale of various products. The company offers the business model for department stores. In fact, it is positioned as one of the largest companies in the entire country, being able to locate a headquarters in practically every corner of Mexico.

The company was founded in 1941, by the visionary and businessman Enrique Coppel Tamayo. This man decided to invest all his money in a personal project that he turned into Coppel SA de CV, a very successful retail company in the Mexican market.

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The company is characterized by offering great possibilities to its clients, among which we find the modalities of free distributions and also the so-called credits, provided by BanCoppel, the banking section of the company, this modality enables the purchase of products to all users of the company.

Have you ever wondered how to apply for a loan with Coppel? Also, do you want to know what its benefits are? Then we recommend you read the following information, in which we will talk about what you should know in relation to credits in Coppel, its advantages and disadvantages.

Branch of Coppel?

What are the benefits of obtaining credits in Coppel? – Advantages and disadvantages

The company Coppel offers various options related to credits and loans, most of these procedures are carried out with the branch of the company known as BanCoppel. Next, we will comment on the advantages and disadvantages related to credits in Coppel, something that without a doubt you should know before using the credits of said company.


  • BanCoppel offers credits up to $ 25,000 MexicanIn addition to this, cash is offered, something very convenient to make payments. In addition, the requirements demanded by the company are quite basic in relation to other options present in the competition.
  • In the same way, you can access the more than 1000 stores of the Coppel company, where you can purchase products and finance them with the credit options provided by BanCoppel. To do this, you must know how to enter the Coppel platform in order to fill out the necessary forms.
  • You have access to this credit option in practically the entire nation, because as we pointed out previously, the company is present in every corner of Mexico, so you can mobilize the process no matter where you are.
  • Cash exposure has a 8% commission, being relatively low in relation to other options that can be found in the market.

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  • Although the interest rates are not too high in relation to other options that can be found in the market, the annual fixed interest rate could reach up to 64%, which entails a significantly high expense for many users.
  • Although $ 25,000 Mexican (around $ 1000) may be enough for many situations, it is not the credit to get out of financial difficulties that entail significantly higher expenses. In other words, if you want substantially high credit, Coppel’s options are not for you.
  • You must check that you win at least 4000 $ Mexican, all of this supported by the legality of the nation. Although it is not an unreasonable requirement, you should take it into account if you plan to apply for a loan with this company.
  • Understanding the condition of BanCoppel’s loans, you cannot expect it to have support in relation to travel, this being an inconvenience in relation to other options present in the Mexican Republic.

As you may have noticed, there are several reasons why consider Coppel as a good option if what you require is a minor credit. Either way, go through every aspect to find the solution you are looking for. Also, be sure to check why it is important to have a Coppel card and know its benefits before opting for this and other benefits.

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