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What are the Best 3D Flight Simulators for PC Windows

Simulation games have been a genre that has remained at the forefront throughout the years. Well, within it it is possible to find games such as fishing simulation games for Android, even those that simulate everyday life situations on PC.

Thus, for those who are fans of airplanes, there are simulators that allow you to recreate this exciting activity from Windows and Mac computers, with 3D visuals. So if many of the most popular are paid, there are some free ones that offer very striking features.

For this, we will show you a list with the best free flight simulators 3D for Windows PC and Mac. So you can enjoy the flight experience from the comfort of your home.

What is a 3D flight simulator?

Simulation games have attracted a lot of attention from computer users in recent years, even those who decided to switch from racing simulation games on Android to trying their luck in the games. simulation games on computers.

Which is not surprising, since these allow the user to have the experience they want without having to leave their home, which does as safe as entertaining.

In this way, in case you have ever played a flight simulation game as a child, you should consider that nowadays this type of flight simulators for PC Windows and Mac has evolved a lot.

Therefore, the flight simulators for PC that you can find in the market have developed a lot of details in their games. Well, these range from the views that you can enjoy from the plane, to the controls of the controls in the cockpit. Thus, flight simulators for PC have become the favorite game of those who want to pilot a plane.

3d view of the controls of an airplane

Best 3D Flight Simulators for PC Windows and Mac

3D flight simulators have gained popularity among simulation games. So to get even more out of the experience, many users stream the game from their PC to a Smart TV to increase sensations during simulation Of flight.

DCS World Steam Edition is one of the most popular military-themed 3D flight simulators. That is, with this free flight simulator you can complete a series of missions focused on the Black Sea and Caucasus region. In addition, it has a great graphic quality and is available for both Windows and Mac.

Also, the flight simulator X-Plane 11 It is one of the best on the market. Well, although in reality its full version of the game is paid, the free version of this flight simulator for Windows PC and Mac is made up of a Demo that includes a large fleet of real-world airplanes and airports.

You can also try the free flight simulator YSFlight. Well, if it does not stand out for its graphics, its simple controls and the variety of more than 70 simulation planes will surely catch you.

3d aerial view of an airplane and the simulator controls

List of Best Free 3D Flight Simulators for PC Windows and Mac

In case you have not been completely convinced by any of the 3D flight simulators that we show you in our previous list, do not worry. We will show you other flight simulators that also stand out in terms of graphics and gameplay. Although these are usually a bit heavy, you just have to uninstall a program on your PC to enjoy the flight experience.

Thus, it is the FlightGear simulator that tops this list. This flight simulator has more than 400 aircraft in its repertoire, to which is added that it has 20,000 airports. Also, this free simulator is available on both Windows and Mac.

In the next position on the list is GeoFS, this simulator stands out from the others because it is one that you can enjoy from the web. So this 3D flight simulator is compatible with any operating system.

Finally, we recommend the Google Earth 3D flight simulator. Well, although this is not a well-known function of the Pro desktop version of Google Earth, this flight simulator, despite not being strictly realistic, can still entertain you.

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