What are the Best Accounting Methods for a Beauty Salon in Excel?

What are the Best Accounting Methods for a Beauty Salon

Surely it has happened to you that already when everything is scheduled and executed, and just as you had thought, you have neglected something very important for your Beauty salonWhat payment methods will I offer you? How will I handle the entry and exit of money?

The commercial industry offers you a wide variety of accounting methods that will mostly provide you with many benefits such as: Saving time, money and easy access. But which one suits my tastes and above all my needs?

Stop worrying now! We have the solution for you and your clients, it is a tool that has helped small as large companies.

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Excel is a program that is part of an office package created by Microsoft, with a high potential capable of managing the record of your financial transactions. With him you can easily create helpful spreadsheets. You do not need to have a great knowledge of the program, or to have a lot of money to obtain it.

Accounting methods within Excel

Microsoft Excel has a wide range of templates that will allow you to carry out such simple operations. As from the total sum for a service. Even keeping track of what enters and leaves your Beauty Salon. These pre-set templates they save you time, money and effort.

Control of your accounting records

This will allow you to start taking the accounting for your beauty salon, through a spreadsheet. In which you can manage to keep track of the purchase records to your suppliers of shampoos, conditioners, dyes, keratin, dryers.

Likewise, take control of the service that the client expects, such as: cuts, drying, dyeing, hairstyles, highlights. As well as you can also keep track of service expenses in the premises. Such as water, electricity, telephone, toilet, payment of taxes, debts to pay or collect among others that you deserve.

What do Excel accounting templates offer my beauty salon?

A better quality in the management of your financial activity. Therefore, before starting to keep your accounting, you should already know what your beauty salon perceives and the ideas that increase the number of clients, that is, you must know how much currency enters and leaves in your living room. Knowing this, go to open the Microsoft Excel window.

Once there, select the File tab and locate the word New in the menu. Then select from the options window, simple invoice, what does this template allow me?

Simple invoice template

This template will allow you to wear the control of the service provided to the customer, carrying out all the necessary calculations. As well as the tax or deduction if applicable.

You just have to fill it out, with information such as: Name of the beauty salon, name of the client, telephone number of the client, address. Also invoice number, name of whom the invoice is addressed to, service, price, discount, totality.

Sales invoice tracking template

This template will allow you to keep track of the control of many clients and their invoices in a single file. And, it also provides a tracker to locate any invoice.

Inventory list template with highlighting

As in a book of accounting, this template will allow you to keep track of the services provided to the client. From what you have, go in and out of your salon, and whether or not you are getting very good results.

graphs that measure the amount of income

On the other hand, Excel allows you to create your own inventory template. You can create it by using the tools it provides such as: Developer or programmer tab, you only have to activate it if you don’t have it in sight. Macro, allows you to assign the performance of several operations at the same time.

Journal book template

It will allow you to know the entry, exit and expenses for each service rendered chronologically. Its format contains data such as: Description of the service, date, debit and credit accounts.

Ledger template

This template will allow you to see each and every one of the billings made in the Beauty Salon. To find out how much money is available.

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