What are the Best Alternative or Similar Applications to WhatsApp?

For a long time the application of instant messaging The one that has most penetrated the taste and preference of users is undoubtedly WhatsApp. And every day more users download this application from the most recognized virtual stores. But in the next article we will show you that there are other alternatives to this and you will find out What are the best alternative or similar applications to WhatsApp?

alternative apps

For those who do not know, this messaging platform has been subject to failures that at some point have left us incommunicado and unable to speak with our loved ones.

That is why it is necessary to have other alternatives on hand that do not allow such a worrying fact and for this we will show you What are the best alternative or similar applications to WhatsApp?

And to give you an open mouth, we will show you a tutorial that will teach you how to change the color of WhatsApp Messenger to black on Android and iOS, the Dark Mode. Now we will continue, indicating which are the best alternative or similar applications to WhatsApp.

What are the best alternative or similar applications to WhatsApp

As you should already know, in order to download applications like WhatsApp you must do it directly from the Google Play virtual store if you have an Android device. Or from the App Store if you have devices that work with iOS operating systems. This is why you should also look for alternative apps in these stores.

Next we are going to indicate you what are the best alternative or similar applications to WhatsApp. And we will start with Skype that you probably already know and that offers a very safe and reliable way of communicating. It also offers you functions very similar to those of WhatsApp such as voice calls, instant messages, sending images, videos and documents.

You can also make video calls, an option widely used today, but with Skype you will enjoy a remarkable quality. It also offers you its wide repertoire of Emojis which will allow your conversations to be very entertaining and fun. Another option that you probably also know is TelegramAlthough little promoted, it has enviable functions.

One of these functions is the possibility that it has to synchronize with other devices of your property. It is a very secure, fast and easy-to-use messaging platform, not for nothing does it account for 20 million users in the world. It has some very interesting functions, create secret chats, block forwarding of messages and self-destruction of messages.

Other App that may interest you as alternatives or similar to WhatsApp

Another obvious App that you could not stop using as a substitute for WhatsApp is Facebook Messenger. This is a service devised by Facebook that will allow you to share messages without having to exchange your phone numbers.

You can connect with several contacts at the same time and share their video photos in real time, as well as use tools to edit them.

Another function that you will surely like a lot is that you can play with your friends, you can also send money in an easy and safe way. It also has the option of sending voice messages and you can say what you want to your loved one. It is a very complete tool and it will surely not make you wonder WhatsApp.

Finally, we can offer you an App that is not very well known but offers you unique and valuable functions, this is Hangouts. With it you can also stay very well connected with family and friends.

Since it allows you to send voice messages. Send of text messages, make video calls, make individual or group chat admitting up to 150 people.

other apps

Another advantage that it offers you and that may interest you a lot is that you can make calls anywhere in the world at no cost. In this way we finish this practical article that in a quick way showed you which are the best alternative or similar applications to WhatsApp.

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