What are the best alternatives to the Adobe Lightroom program?

If you like the photo editing You may have heard of editing programs, below, we will show you what are the best alternatives to the program Adobe Lightroom. Nowadays, both professional and amateur photographers have programs that make digital image editing a faster job.

Without a doubt, the Adobe Lightroom program, which is part of the Adobe Photoshop suite, is one of the most popular photo editors. In addition to its desktop version, it has a mobile version available for iOS and Android with several of the features of the complete program.

However, there are many other pretty good options on the market that you may not have heard of yet; therefore we give you a brief description of the best ones.

What are raw photos?

raw photos on work table

The literal translation of the word raw into Spanish is raw; this term is used in computer science to refer to digital files of images that have not been manipulated, that is, their data is as it has been captured by the camera.

These files are also known as digital negatives and the most popular formats today are jpeg, png, gif and tiff.jpeg, whose function is to compress a file.

You can work on this type of file with most of the image editing programs and applications available on the market.

Alternatives to the Adobe Lightroom program

Here is a brief review of 4 of the best alternatives to the Lightroom program for digital image editing.


Darktable is a program Open Source for the processing of digital negatives that you can download for free from its official website for macOS, Windows and even several versions of Linux.

This Program offers an interface very similar to Lightroom, so more experienced users with this tool will be able to adapt easily.

If, on the other hand, you are new to the use of visual editors; You will need a little time to familiarize yourself with the controls that can be somewhat complex.


The open source program PhotoScape, developed in Korea by MOOII Tech, is a fairly comprehensive tool for graphics editing.

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use; Both for professionals and for the most amateur users since several of its functions are predefined.

It is very popular with publishers of images intended for social networks for its animation function in gif format, allowing easily the creation of animated stickers. PhotoScape It has a wide variety of options, in it you can easily remove the background of an image or logo to remove the face of a person in a photo and put another.

This program can be installed in both operating systems Windows, if you want it for Mac computers you will get it as PhotoScape X.

Google Photos

Google Photos logo in hands colorful background

Just like Google, the application Google Photos presents a minimalist interface and intuitive that is easy to use even if the user is not very experienced.

Although this tool is well known as a photo and video storage service in the cloud, its uses go much further.

Provides the possibility of edit images on your platform, although not as complete as other programs; but without interesting and easy-to-use tools.

The advantage of this tool is that its mobile version allows you to do editing work wherever you are and you can also access or save the images or videos in the cloud.

So you don’t have to worry about the storage space of your mobile device or if you can’t find the image you want to edit.

Many latest-generation Android devices have the Google Photos application installed by default; but it is also available for iOS and even has a desktop version for your computer. If this application is of interest to you, in the following article we have more detailed information about it, it will allow you to know what it is, what it is for and how does Google Photos work on Android and PC?


Another quite effective alternative to reveal digital negatives is the open source program LightZone, where you will find all the controls present in Lightroom in analog mode.

With this free program you will be able to obtain images with the same professional quality offered by the most popular paid software.

This tool allows you to permanently save your negatives so that you can experiment as much as you want editing the images without fear of losing the original file.

Depending on your tastes and needs, there are various alternatives to the Lightroom program with particular characteristics that position them among the best. Dare to try any of the ones described above and get the best results.

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