What are the Best Applications of Entrepreneurs to Start a Business From Home?

Every day there are more ventures that are started, above all they need great efforts and perseverance, when a person starts an enterprise from home you must know that there are many risks involved and you must be willing to take them.

When an individual starts with a goal, a project that is called entrepreneurship, they make real the ideas that occurred to him one day, innovate, create, a service or product based many times on the needs of other people, it is a initiative in a new business opportunity from home.

Despite its risks, knowing whether or not your venture will be successful, individuals they start in this world with constant work and dedication To what they do, one day they decide to provide society with a product or service to improve it, in the same way they help each other with different methods.

Every entrepreneur must know the importance of marketing. Similarly, you must know the applications that help you in this endeavor from home, stay reading because here we will explain it to you.

WhatsApp Business to make sales

After the creation of WhatsApp, with the passage of time in 2018, WhatsApp business was created, a fundamental tool for any enterprise because it would help you a lot in customer service. First you must know how WhatsApp works in order to handle this tool in the best way.

phone shows whatsapp application

This application adapts to one of the greatest needs of an entrepreneur, through it if a client has a question they can access you faster, doubts and suggestions that you can solve through this application, you can not even talk with your customers and also with your suppliers, the best thing is that in a faster way.

It is important that your company profile in this application is in the best way because this would be the cover letter of your venture, that the client gets a good impression and useful information about your product or service, and the best thing is that you can give automated responses, that is, if you are busy at the moment, this application will give you a quick answer.

Canva for layouts

You should know and take into account that the presentation and quality you have of the photographs of your product on social networks is of great relevance today even more because you work from home you need to get more clients, followers on social networks, through these means, It is what is in trend and what is helping in one way or another those who They start in the world of entrepreneurship from home.

In the free version of this application you can create and design a logo in Canva for free, it offers you many tools when creating publications for social networks, yes you need a quick design piece about your business you can do it in this application.

Has clipart already clip art that you can adapt it to what you need and what better tool than that, creating a modern post and logo would be of great help.

different computer applications

Other important applications to start a business from home


It is important every day to have social networks with new publications that is why the Later application would be great for you help for scheduling on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to make your publications. From your cell phone you will be able to synchronize that new posts are made.

Google drive

Another important tool is Google Drive, this will help you share documents with another person who belongs to your work or to be able to pass them to the cloud, and the best data still is that it allows you to store what you need.

Another advantage of Google Drive is being able to scan a documentIt really helps if you know how to handle it and get the most out of it.


Many times when you start an enterprise you have many things to do so the Toggl application would be very useful, it would help you treat the time you have been on each task you need to do about your business.

Also, if you need to manage a time with a client or supplier, this application will help you to you manage to accomplish all your daily tasks, Toggl will be very useful in your business from home, to manage everything you need.

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