What are the best applications to learn English for free without Internet?

English is one of the most important languages ​​that exists today, since this language is handled as universal worldwide. The methods that were used in the past are going out of fashion, and now they are use didactic and intuitive tools, such as Android and iOS applications. In this article we will explain what are the best applications to learn English for free without internet?


Bussu is a social network for learning languages, and it is one of the largest that exists, being one of the more effective learning tools. In its repertoire you will see that you can study up to 12 languages ​​through its website and also for mobile devices. This application is carried with them by more than 100 million users, and something that attracts the attention of many is that it is completely free.

learning English with the bussu app

Also if you want a faster advance in your language training you can opt for the Premium subscription to access its other functions such as:

  • Grammar Lessons.
  • Personalized vocabulary exercises.
  • And the McGraw-Hill Education language certifications.


Voxy is an application to learn to speak English in a unique way, and that this is only to learn the Anglo-American language. Its main objective is to make the student incorporate internships into your study schedule for just a few minutes periodically. Its ease will make the person want to practice constantly, so that he is motivated to finish his training.

A crucial factor for students studying English with Voxy is that it prepares them to take the TOEFL test. A very particular feature of this application is that content is constantly updated so that the new topics are according to the most innovative.

On the other hand, this application is compatible for smart devices such as tablets and computers, reaching more users around the world.


Duolingo is a free application that has become popular among many people who want to learn to speak English and master it perfectly. You can also learn other languages ​​if you wish, of course one of the most influential languages ​​in this 21st century is English. We can count on a very useful tool when studying, since today there are more than 12 million users, giving it more reliability.

duolingo app learn english for free

The characteristics of this application is that incorporates a learning system by applying games in order to keep the attention of whoever uses it. Of course, without leaving aside the most important factor, which is learning the Anglo-American language in record time.


If you are looking for an application to learn the English language, you can opt for Babbel, a very sophisticated teaching program today. The lessons that make up this app is based on everyday tasks or activities, this being a fantastic idea for those who have busy days.

Each lesson is only about 15 minutes long, enough for every day to spend a little time learning. It should be noted that if you want to purchase other functions you must cancel or pay, but in its main base is completely free.


The Wlingua app only covers the language you are looking to learn, and it is only designed to teach English. It currently has more than 3 million users, this being a certificate of approval by many people. With this you will have activities, since has more than 600 lessons ranging from basic to intermediate levels, covering what the person requires.

A curious fact is that you will be able to acquire knowledge in the British and American pronunciation according to the needs you present. It should be noted that the Basic course is completely free, but if you want the Premium you will have to pay a fee for additional functionalities.

We want to remember that these applications mentioned above have compatibility with Android and iOS system, as well as for computers. It is clear that to have the applications on an Android device, it is downloaded from the Play Store, and on Apple devices in the App Store respectively.

As we see there are no reasons or impediments for you to learn a universal language like English, with your own smart device you can achieve it quickly and effectively.

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