What are the Best Apps to Design and Simulate Tattoos on Android or iPhone?

Tattoos are a very important personal brand for many people today. Surely more than one person you know has or is planning to become one. These can range from very minimal designs or symbols to flashy mosaics stamped on the skin. It all depends on the tastes and intentions of the person who wants to do it.

Some decide to get tattoos with symbolic, religious or intimate intentions; that represent something. Others do not think so much about the background and they do it for mere aesthetics, to experiment or want to have a beautiful design adorning their skin.

But either way, with meaning or not, the certainty is that a person wants a very well done tattoo. Therefore, for this it is necessary that it is well designed before it becomes part of your body permanently. For this, there are many digital apps that you should check before you make one.

What recommended apps exist to choose tattoos?

If you want to browse among the many designs that exist for tattoos of all kinds, these applications will help you a lot. The first is Tattoo Design that has more than 5000 tattoos to choose. This application has tattoo designs of all kinds; the classic and best known styles are here.

You can search them by categories until you get the one you like. Even, has its section to be able to modify the designs and customize them. However, the most complete and recommended application to choose designs is undoubtedly Tattoodo.

Tattoodo is a much more interactive app than lets you know the artists behind each design. In the style of a social network, you can review their profiles, find their designs to choose from and be inspired or recommend many more similar ones.

tattoos made with applications to design

Being a community, the app gives you a more complete and close experience. And not only that, but the app can also recommend studios of tattoo artists registered in it all over the world. It can even point out which studios are close to you, if they are recommended and the designs that each one offers; all this if they are registered in the app. This helps to reach the tattoo business. These apps are available for Android

What apps can I use to simulate tattoos? – Test tattoos digitally

Now, a wonder that these tattoo apps have is to be able, via simulation, to test how your tattoo would look. There are several such as, for example, Tattoo My Photo 2.0. It is an application that allows you to place tattoos on photos. You can photograph any part of your body and test your design on it.

Similar to this, there is Tattoo You and Tattoo Yourself which also allows you to place tattoo designs on photos. You can rotate, transparent, lower opacity and scale the designs. By editing the photos with the tattoos you can get a glimpse of what the designs would look like on your skin before making the final decision. They are very useful despite their simplicity.

However, the best and most advanced is undoubtedly Ink Hunter. You can not only test the designs in photos. Ink Hunter allows you to play with augmented reality and see your tattoo in different areas of your body in real time. All this thanks to a system that helps to find three-dimensionality and in this way see how a more exact design can be left to you.

Apps to design tattoos digitally

This is already a less conventional option and more oriented to designers and cartoonists. Now, if what you want is not a default design, you have design experience and you want to customize your tattoo even more, this may be another alternative for you.

woman uses application to design tattoos

It’s about using the drawing and design app Autodesk Sketchbook to design them. As this app has the option of drawing and editing photos, you can use it in a more manual way, to create your own design and simulate it. You can design or alter any of your own design that you have and make it transparent to prove it in reference photos of your skin.

These programs are similar in editing with Photoshop in that it is also possible to place tattoos on photos through Photoshop, but in a slightly more complex way.

In this way, you can test if your design works and applies well or even rely on the other apps when you have finished the design. Of course, being accurate drawing, we recommend using the stylus.

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