What are the Best Apps to Edit Photos on Cell Phone with Vintage Effect?

In photography, vintage is that effect that highlights an important point of common photos in different social networks, there are different types of vintage, but the most used are the black and white effect. What is sought is that the photo communicates various feelings, since it is possible to carry or transport to the past, due to the contrasts that can be obtained with this application that not any photo would. There are different types of Vintage such as: Textures, 50’s, etc. Always remembering that to take a beautiful photograph you have to practice until you reach such a point, a good photograph gives a lot to talk about.

The academy of photographers is the one that trains and guides all those interested in this subject, teaching everything from editing management to large-scale photography.

How to achieve a Vintage effect?

Vintage styles vary according to the camera and according to the editor, as well as the filters that we can use, since then, there are thousands of styles on the web. To create this effect we have to take into account the following steps:

Photographic Noise:

Many say that it is one of the least loved and most capable of happening effects because when used incorrectly it causes the photo to lose quality, but in Vintage it is used to give it an older touch since the photos of the past had obvious grains caused by the camera lens size. This is one of the qualities more common which makes the photos look like they were from before.


It is possible to visualize when around there is a black border that fades towards the center, which happens is due to a loss of luminosity and chromatic balance, in addition to this, effects that visualize dust, cobwebs and other types of elements.

1950s vintage woman

Yellow tint:

This tint is due to the fact that in the photographs from before it was not stored digitally but, that it was printed directly and due to the quality of the photo it was left with a yellowish tint, this tint has become a common element for induce nostalgia.

Low Contrast:

The cameras from before were not high enough resolution so the photos had less contrast and were much smoother. It is an image with very little difference in the dark parts, while the lighter ones look opaque. It can be said that a photo is flat with this effect, but if it is used well it could look like a photo of the time.

Applications used for Vintage

Nostalgic Camera:

It is a camera application for a clearly nostalgic design, it is possible to take the photo while it has this effect. The application allows you to take a frame, choose the effect you like and have a basic operation. You can log a photo of today as if it is from the past, if you have Android Download it !.

RNI Films:

It has digital filters as if they were from a film, it is a companion editor on mobile for those who appreciate analog photography, Vintage style, etc. RNI offers high-quality images and above all high edition, with this application the camera of iPhones is fully exploited. We can even do backup.

After Light:

It is one of the most complete editing applications ever seen, it has almost perfect quality, fast-forward editing, tools and as well as pre-designed filters, frames, among other elements. It is an app simple to use super intuitive. It is an app that has 5 stars on all platforms.

low contrast literature

Where did the attraction to Vintage come from?

It came from the exclusivity of objects of the time, the quality of the garments, the many materials used, the history behind each of the elements, the finish and above all the style that the model gives to the photograph. Vintage had such a boom that even famous people began to adopt this style so popular on social networks from the year 2005.

For the above it is recommended that we learn to become familiar with the applications that are considered the best in the entire market, in order to create a style like a photograph of the time that we want to capture.

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