What are the Best Apps to Measure Body Temperature with Android and iOS?

In the first twenty years of the 21st century, the ingenuity of man has been proven, by creating smart devices with super functional apps. This article will talk about the best apps to measure body temperature with Android and iOS, so let’s get to it.

App – Body Temperature Diary

The Body Temperature Diary application for body temperature is a very useful tool to be able to have a thermal control of a person. What’s more does not require internet to use all its functions, and it is exclusive for devices with Android operating system. On the other hand, annotations can be made to indicate if we are ill or to take the medication prescribed by the doctor.

This application is very effective, since it also offers schematics and statistics on the data that we have registered, thus taking a more exact control.

Body Temperature Tracker App – Fever Tracky Diary

The Body Temperature Log application is It is available for mobiles and tablets with Android OS, are among the most used in the world. This offers the user analysis, graphs and reports of the thermal situation of a person who manifests symptoms of fever greater than 38 degrees Celsius.

app to detect temperature

So if you want to use this app to care for their families, since it gives a visualization of the evolution of the patient’s condition.

Measure your body temperature with the iThermonitor app for iOS

This application is for devices with an iOS operating system, and is intended to provide advice to control a person’s fever, based on the recorded data. Of course, this does not replace for any reason the care provided by a medical professional, however, it can give you the necessary guidance to provide information to the doctor.

On the other hand, this connected application will allow you to have direct monitoring and control on the situation of the patient or sick person.

Monitor your body temperature – Fever Measuring Thermometer

This app for iOS can be found in the App Store, being a very valuable tool, since uses the camera to determine the heartbeat. Subject to the rhythm of the heart, it will indicate if it is prone to fever, thanks to this orientation, any emergency that arises can be attended more quickly.

application to determine temperatures

As already mentioned above it is a key factor to see a professional, but with the information collected by the application you will be able to provide exact information. You are reminded that it must be connected to another device called the HealthKit, so you can have all the tools at hand to measure body temperature.

Oblumi Tapp ideal complement to measure temperature

This application is available for Android and iOS, reaching more people who have both operating systems at the same time. The Oblumi Tapp has become the most functional and practical today, since it allows you to take the temperature directly to the patient. Through a device connected to the mobile, the application will work through Bluetooth, evaluating the temperature in both the ears, forehead and liquids (Urine, Slime).

Thermo – Smart Fever Management

Given that there are many viruses or diseases that can affect our body, the Thermo-Smart Fever Management application is the perfect tool. Its main function is detect high temperature immediately that a person owns, and register it giving in detail what is the state in which it is.

During 2020 these applications came to life due to the global situation, and will surely continue to be a very useful tool for the days to come. So if you own an Android or iOS mobile device, this is your chance to have these digital instruments that you will find in the Play Store and App Store.

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