What are the best apps to measure distances covered when running without Internet?

Today there is an immense number of applications to be able to do pretty much anything you want which you can always download to your phone, from applications to edit photos to even exercise applications, the latter being the most downloaded by a large number of people, either to lose weight or simply to have a good routine on hand.

There are different applications to exercise depending on the function you need, you can download applications that have a recommended routine, and even applications that are capable of measure distances traveled, so that you have notion about how many kilometers you travel in a certain time.

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What use are applications to measure distances traveled when going for a run?

Many people prefer to exercise on their own rather than heading to a gym because they are expensive or they just don’t feel comfortable inside you.

In those cases they prefer to establish their own routine or establish a certain route to runIn these situations, it is necessary to download an application for the phone, in order to know exactly how long you are running and how far away.

The applications that are used to run fulfill several important functions among them, the main function is the fact of being able to monitor all training parameters that we have at the moment, and thus be able to evaluate the progress we have and the evolution after taking a certain time on a journey.

To measure distances and monitor the health status of the person during a trip, users usually use a smartwatch that allows downloading applications that perform these functions or that is even capable of connecting and synchronizing with a cell phone so that it can comply with this end

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The best Apps to measure distances traveled when running without internet

As we mentioned before, there are a large number of applications that you can find and download from the Google Play Store that serve this purpose, but not all have the same resources, or not all have the same efficiency level, below we will show you a list of the best applications to measure distances traveled while running without the need for an internet connection:

Endomondo is an application initially developed by the sports products brand Under Armor and by Endomondo LLC, which allows users to have information about their statistics showing a percentage of calories burned and certain health data, this application also allows you to measure distance and speed, but what stands out is the fact that it can generate training plans so you can follow and compare your evolutions.

This application is one of the most used due to its great diversity of functions, RunKeeper is able to control and display all the data related to your physical activity while running, such as the distance traveled, the pace, show stats and progressIn addition, this application allows you to carry out training series and modify them according to the objective you want to do, whether it is to lose weight, or increase your physical capacity

Sports Tracker is an application capable of carrying out a precise measurement and detailed analysis of your workouts so that you can evaluate your progress, evolution and performance yourself, and it also gives you information on average running speed and calories burned.

Runtastic is able to monitor all the parameters of your body when it comes to running such as heart rate for example, it also offers you the option to train by intervals and allows you to program a certain pace and speed, one of the most notable functions of this application is that it has the option of Autopause, which will serve to automatically establish a break in the time you establish, and allows you to share your workouts and progress on social networks.

Strava is the application most used by runners and cyclists because it is designed by high-class athletes, this application allows you to record the route you have made via GPS, and gives information about the parameters that interest you most in each exercise of your training.

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