What are the Best Apps to Remove Dark Circles from Photos and Beautify the Face?

The mobile device market is highly competitive and every company strives to be the best. One aspect that significantly attracts users has to do with the camera.

Its megapixels and resolution are essential. But beyond the features, there is almost always something to correct. Because of that, today you will have the best applications for remove dark circles from photos and beautify your face.

When taking a picture, we must always take care of our appearance. However, there are things that are simply unavoidable. If you want to reduce the impact of some imperfections on your face, these tools will be very helpful.

The importance of having a good photo editor

Since the 1990s, they have developed different photo editing programs. The field of design has gained significant importance over time. Newspapers, magazines and the emergence of digital media. It was essential to know the least.

One of the most important programs in terms of these aspects has been Photoshop. Not only does it have tools capable of highlighting the colors of a photograph. But, in addition, you can distort or perfect elements of it.

Smart phones

Many platforms and programs with characteristics similar to those of Photoshop were born for computers. And with the commercialization of the Smartphone, these platforms had to find a way to repower themselves.

None of the efforts have been in vain. And actually, retouching or editing a photo is extremely easy, practical and fast if you have a Smartphone.

smiling girl edits photo

As you can imagine, the Android and iOS app stores are quite extensive. So you would spend hours, days and even weeks trying to find the best ones. Each application has different functions, from erasing the background of an image, to removing dark circles and beautifying the face.


As of 2013, the fashion of ‘selfies’ returned. In fact, these types of photographs are believed to date from 1839 with Robert Cornelius. The American had a lamp store in Philadelphia. In his self-portrait, you can see his worried face, making sure he was taking the picture well.

According to studies, around 93 million selfies are taken daily. Almost 20% of the photographs are retouched with editing applications. It does not matter if it is to remove dark circles from the photos or to change the hair color in your photo. If you are part of the statistic, the following list will interest you.

The best applications to remove dark circles from photos and beautify the face

In app stores there is a wide variety of tools that will help you retouch your photos. The scope of its functions could even know what type of hairstyle or haircut suits you best. Making your task easier, here are the best applications to remove dark circles from photos and beautify your face:

boy filters edit photo

B612 – Selfie from the heart

Coming from the famous instant messaging application “LINE”. B612 has become one of the most popular photo retouching applications. His specialty is selfies.

So, if you want to remove dark circles from photos and beautify your face, it is a perfect option. It has more than 350 filters and exceeds 300 million downloads.

A look at Retrica

An application that has grown in popularity. It has an interesting arsenal of filters in real time that maintains the quality of your photos. During the last few years, it has been placed among the most downloaded applications.

Beauty Camera

Despite its basic appearance, its functions have great potential. It will be an interesting ally to remove dark circles from photos and beautify your face. It has a Plus version that is worth analyzing. The best: besides being free, it will not invade your phone with advertising.

Which one do you prefer?

They may not be as many options as you expected. But you can be sure that they are the best in the app store. It’s up to you to put them to the test and get the most out of their features.

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