What are the best apps to stop smoking little by little? – Tips and tricks

In today’s article we will talk about What are the best applications to stop smoking little by little? In addition to giving you some tips and tricks on the optimal use of these applications. The addiction to tobacco that cigarettes contain is a problem that costs him his life to an approximate of 7 million people a year, throughout the world. And it is that cigarette smoke has harmful effects on health.

The harmful effects that smoking has on our health are several. Next, we will mention some of the main side effects that quit smoking:

  • Increases the probability of contracting Cancer, being lung cancer the most common among smokers.
  • It gives skin problems, accelerating the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and loss of color on the lips. These are the most common when smoking.
  • Causes a worsening in the physical condition of smokers, reducing the lung capacity they have making it difficult to exercise in most cases.
  • It creates oral problems, which are marked by the appearance of stains on the teeth, bad breath, loss of taste and cavities.

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Beyond the harmful problems that smoking has, it has a problem that makes it much worse and is the basis of all problems related to smoking, which is the high dependency generated by smokers. This addiction is generated thanks to nicotine, which is found in the tobacco plant, generating a satisfying effect that hooks many smokers.

For all the harmful reasons that we have just exposed, we will talk about What are the best applications to stop smoking little by little? Which, along with a few tips to optimize its use, that will give us more tools to quit this harmful habit. Showing the different strategies that these applications use to quit smoking.

Apps to quit smoking

Quitting smoking it is a difficult road for most people who decide to quit smoking, so doing them alone can cost even more. It is due to this problem that a variety of solutions focused on the digital world have been developed, thus creating applications that aim to help those who use it. give up smoking.

These applications usually achieve this through different techniques, which we will see below, along with a couple of applications to quit smoking, which we consider do their job so well, that we do not need to look any further.

Took out

The first application that we will talk about today is Seacabó. Available in both the Play Store and the App Store. It was created by SEDET (Spanish Society Specialists in Smoking) The method of combat against tobacco addiction used by the application, consists of:

  • Advice from experts, helping the anxiety of the first weeks without smoking and withdrawal.
  • It gives the possibility of making lists where situations are mentioned where the user lights a cigarette, helping to identify these moments to make use of the application in those difficult moments

These are the methods that Seacabó applies, collaborating with the fulfillment of the personal goals developed by each person, one of the most common goals being to stop smoking.


The second and last application that we will talk about is Smoke Free. This application has a nice design, with which we will have to get acquainted daily if we want to quit smoking. The application motivates its users through data on how much money we can save by quitting smoking, counting the cigarettes that have not been smoked, time that one has without smoking, etc. These were some of the methods that the application has.

Part of the tools to quit smoking offered by the app, is the annotation of body values, which increase after a few months without smoking. It is compatible with Android devices and Apple devices.

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What are the benefits of quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking brings a lot of improvements to our body, improving our health in the short and long term. Some positive effects begin to be noticed in a couple of days or months depending on how damaged our body is. The most sudden improvements are:

  • Better taste of food.
  • Odor from clothes, hair and mouth improve after a short time.
  • Progressively improves breathing quality.

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