What are the Best Cheap Solar Charged External Batteries?

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External batteries with solar charging are useful and comfortable to charge any mobile device. It is ideal for everyone who enjoys walks in the open air. Whether they like camping in the countryside, mountains or on the beach. External batteries with solar charge use the sun’s energy through plates. It is a very useful accessory when going on a trip or walk.

However, with the advancement of technology, you can even count on wireless charging. But, if the ideal for you is nature and exploring the world; here we will show you What are the best cheap solar powered power banks?

External batteries with solar charge, most relevant characteristics

External batteries with solar charge, use the sun’s energy and then generate it through plates. The models and designs of these batteries are not usually very refined. In addition, its charging process through the sun is a bit slow, something important that you must take into account so as not to experience any inconvenience when using them. Well, with a common charger you must take into account the amount of mAh with which your mobile charges.

When purchasing one of these external batteries, it is important choose one that exceeds 10,000 Amh, Well, in this way you will not have to put your mobile in energy saving and you can charge it more than once.

Another relevant detail is that the battery must have a plate or plates, these must be elongated, since in this way a better use of solar energy can be obtained. Something that external batteries with solar charge should offer, at least more than one USB port, as it allows charging more than one mobile device.

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What are the best cheap solar powered power banks?

Here we show you the best external batteries with solar charging on the market, they offer durability of internal charging and resistance. These are some of them:

1. The POWERDAD battery:

The POWERDAD battery is resistant to shocks, has an internal charge of 12000 mAh, which allows you to charge your device twice. It also has a flashlight and two USB ports. Its price is between 17 to 20 euros. Something quite inexpensive for what it offers.

2. Soluser battery:

This battery is excellent, It has an Amperage of 26,800 which allows you to charge your mobile several times. It comes with a pretty conspicuous flashlight in case of an emergency. It has 3 USB ports and its cover is sturdy and even protects the input of the USB ports. Its cost is 25 euros.


The KEDRON battery has a charge of 24000mAh. Its design is somewhat classic, however has 5 USB ports useful enough to charge various devices. The protective case is very good and its weight is 381 grams, a light weight that you can carry without problem. You can get it at an approximate cost of 30 euros.

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The best solar-charged batteries for adventure:


This battery is very useful for outdoor outings, as it has 24,000 mAh and has 4 USB ports. It weighs around 400 grams and its design is attractive and resistant, which makes it very popular with adventurous users. its price is 30 euros.

Sendowtek, one of the best external batteries:

This external battery with solar charge is very functional, since it is waterproof because it is IP54 compliant. You can use Qi wireless charging mostly for Samsung and Apple devices. The load is 20,000 mAh. It is ideal for camping very close to the water. Its price ranges from 30 to 32 euros.

These are some of the best solar powered external batteries out there offer not only low cost, but shock resistance, durability internal charging and even several USB ports. You just have to choose, when buying the battery that best suits your tastes and needs.

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