What are the Best Extensions to Download Videos in Google Chrome?

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Just as the protagonists of the Internet are videos; Google Chrome he is the producer of those protagonists that are the videos; and it is because, it is one of the browsers with an influx of users. In addition, in the different social networks, videos are the leaders. For this reason, in this browser we find extensions to download videos.

In fact, one of the main features that users praise the use of Chrome is that it has a variety of extensions that are useful while browsing Google; This is why some claim that this is the best browser of all.

However, each user must specify if they want to benefit from one platform or perhaps simply use an extension on different video platforms. See in this post the best extensions to download videos from Google Chrome.

Extensions to download videos in Google Chrome

The extensions installed in Chrome are Applications, to perform different tasks while browsing the web. When you install Chrome, some extensions included are Mail, google, or YouTube. But, if what you want is an extension to download videos; keep reading and know the best extensions that are in Google Chrome.

Flash Video Downloader: An extension provided by Google Chrome for downloading videos from this browser. This extension adds its own icon to the browser’s address bar. This changes color automatically and thus we lets you know which videos we can download and which ones we cannot.

In addition, it shows you several versions in which the video is available, detect the format mp4, mov, avi, swf, flv and it also signals the quality of the content you want to download.

Free Video Downloader: This extension downloads videos from Chrome. Like Flash Video, it adds us an icon in the address bar in order to detect the videos that you can download on the website you visit. Clicking on the icon will show a list of videos found and you can select the one you want to save on your computer.

Video Downloader Professional: is another extension offered by Google Chrome. Perhaps this extension is the most popular for downloading videos. Like the previous ones, this extension will add an icon to the address bar and so it will be easier to interact with the plugin you want.

Video Downloader Professional extension

The icon that Video Downloader Professional offers us detects the videos that are available for download. This extension will also return a list of different file names and video format, as well as its size. In addition, it gives you the option of cast the video to a Chromecast and so you can view it from the television.

Extensions to download videos from social networks

Wise Video Saver: this Google Chrome extension is focused on downloading videos from different social networks; for example, Facebook, VK and Instagram. However, unlike the other extensions, Wise allows you to transform videos into sound files and you can even choose the video format.

It should be noted that this extension has compatibility with downloads of large files, as well as downloading videos with a high resolution.

Facebook Video Downloader: This extension allows you to download videos from social networks directly.

Other extensions in Google Chrome

  • FBDown Video Downloader: For its part, this extension has compatibility with some popular formats such as: MP4, 3GP, FLV, SWF and WMV.

FBDown Video Downloader extension

  • GetThemall Video Downloader: This extension allows you to download videos from any source. Also, you can download PDF files, HTML content and images
  • FVD Video Downloader: download videos in different formats such as: ASF, FLV, MPEG and AVI, among others.
  • vGet Extension: This extension has the particularity of allowing you to transmit videos on Smart TV. Of course, it also allows you to download videos.
  • Video Download Helper: This extension will help you download videos in formats such as WEBM, MP4, 3GPP, among other available formats.

Before doing any type of download from any website, social network, etc. We have to bear in mind that we can only download content that is our property, free of copyright or of third parties, as long as we have your direct consent.

Now that you know some extensions to download videos from Google Chrome, you can have your favorite videos. You can even get the ones you find on social media. Leave us your comment and so we will know your opinion, also share this information with friends or family.

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