What are the best extensions to speed up browsing?

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There are many browsers that make your investigations much easier and faster, as well as being useful on both mobile devices and computers. If you want your experience when using the internet to be superior, we invite you to see the best extensions Google Chrome and Firefox to increase browsing speed.

The best Google Chrome extensions to navigate faster

Google Chrome is very popular and recognized by extensions or add-ons that optimize its use. Find out which are the best extensions to increase the speed of Google Chrome. Some of these are:

  • FastestChrome. With this option you will save time in the automatic loading of the pages, in the search of definitions of words from the browser and more. Also will improve Google results by automatically including the most relevant information available in other engines.
  • Smooth Gestures. It optimizes the navigation through the pages or the management of the tabs and also allows a greater range of movements with the mouse to gain intuitive behaviors, giving you a unique experience when browsing.
  • Keyboard Navigation. It is especially useful for those who like to use keyboard shortcuts, in addition to having office applications when browsing Chrome, making it easy to use of productivity programs.
  • Speed ​​Dial. Your time is valuable, so this special extension will replace the home page, which appears by default when you open the browser, with the sites you visit the most when using it. You can play with its design to configure it to your liking.

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  • Quick Tabs. It was created in order to put the mouse aside and enter the virtual world by accessing the different browser tabs from your keyboard. With the shortcuts available, it is much easier gain time and get the information you require.
  • AdBlock and Browser Button for AdBlock. With its use you can prevent the reproduction of ads, and by blocking advertising, navigation will be much smoother and faster. It should be complemented with Button for AdBlock to make these functions easier to access.
  • Quick Scroll. It appears in the lower right part of your screen to offer you the option of finding any portion of text much easier in the results obtained. Its objective is to optimize the selection of results in your search.
  • Search Preview. It allows you to preview the Google search pages. It is very similar to what this search engine already offers you by default, but in this case the experience will be much more complete.
  • Speed-Up Browsing. This tool removes a number of scripts, significantly contributing to the the Navigator run faster. Thanks to Speed-Up Browsing, animations that run in a loop are stopped, becoming an indispensable function.

It is very easy to find and install extensions in Google Chrome, and we encourage you to try it to improve your internet browsing.

Add-ons to increase the speed of your Firefox browser

While Firefox is not as popular as Chrome when it comes to extensions, it does offer some add-on options that will help you reach extraordinary speed when browsing.

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Today we will introduce you to three extensions to speed up the internet in Firefox:

  • Speedy Fox. This extension for Mozilla Firefox is a practical but simple tool that improves performance and loading speed. Basically, it unites in a single section all the configuration parameters of the web browser related to its performance. It gathers these parameters in a single customization screen and with this it manages to have in a direct and simplified way the tools that determine the accelerated loading of content.
  • Boostaler. Its strength is allowing you to save the headers for a longer time to reduce the loading time of any page that you want to leave open. You can download it through a program called GHacks so that you can use it in the case of Firefox.
  • FasterFox. It raises the performance of the browser to levels much higher than usual and can be downloaded directly from the official Firefox page.

These are just some of the best extensions for Firefox. You do not need to be an expert in the field to achieve a Maximum speed When browsing, use some of the extensions that we talk about in this article and achieve your goals in no time.

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