What are the Best Free Antivirus to Install on Android Phones?

Today we will talk to you about the best free antivirus for Android phones. Protecting your device against malicious software is very important. Some viruses could cause irreparable damage.

Keep your Android device safe. Here are some applications that you can to download and use completely free from the official Play Store. All of them are highly recommended, as they are highly efficient against viruses and malicious software.

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What are the best free antivirus for Android

If your phone has a virus or Adware on your Android phone, it is very easy to detect and locate it.

Kaspersky antivirus mobile: PRO malware protection

Kaspersky antivirus mobile, you can get it completely free from the Google Play store. We have put him first on this list because of his effectiveness and simplicity when using it. Protect your Android device from any kind of attacks.

It is an app that comes to be compared with the antivirus used by Apple.

Avira antivirus free

Avira is an antivirus that you can get from the Play Store completely free. In addition to remove all types of viruses and stop hacker and malware attacks, with it you can establish an anti-theft system.

Protect your device so that in the event of loss or theft you can reliably protect the content of the device with a end-to-end encryption. Another function it has is that you can optimize the use of your mobile battery. In this way you will efficiently use all the functions of your Android without wasting energy.

McAfee mobile security

This app began as an antivirus available only for laptops and desktops. Today it also has a compatible application for Android mobile devices. It is ideal to face the internet hacker and malware attacks.

Sophos mobile security

This application is completely free and with it, you can not only protect your Android device from viruses and hacker attacks, but you can also establish an anti-theft system by SMS and parental control.

In the event that you have malicious software on your device, Sophos will give you the necessary tool to remove it with the push of a button.

Eset mobile security: mobile security and antivirus

Eset mobile security started out as an antivirus for PC. It currently has a version for Android devices. You can download it completely for free and use it like that or subscribe to the paid version to get more and better features.

It is perfect for novice users, because what stands out about it is its simplicity when using it.

Bitdefender antivirus free

Bitdefender is an app that you can find on different terminals, either on its website or from the official Play Store. It is in last place because it only protects your device from viruses and has no extra functions.

However it is completely free and it takes up very little space, making it perfect for those users who have a device with little internal storage space.

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What is the best free antivirus for my Android

Undoubtedly the best free antivirus you can get for your Android device is Avast Free Mobile Security. We consider that this application takes the first place because it gathers everything that a good antivirus should have. Say goodbye to hacker attacks with spyware or malware with Avast.

You can test all applications that you have installed on your mobile device, either in the internal storage or on the SD card.

Not only that, you can also create a filter for calls and SMS text messages. Among other functions that stand out we must mention the blocking of the GPS location.

Its theft system is superior to the rest of the antivirus programs, because with it you can geolocate your device in real time, even if it is turned off.

For the latter, we recommend that you make the corresponding report to the authorities with your document number and purchase invoice and that block by IMEI through the customer service of the telephone company that provides the service.

If your phone is invaded and attacked by a Trojan virus on your Android phone, use applications like AVG to remove the virus

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