What are the Best Free Antivirus to Install on Linux?

Linux It is a Unix-like, multi-user, multitasking, multi-platform operating system. Its development is the main example of free software, since it can be modified and paid for by anyone. If you want to learn more and know what Linux files and registries are and what they are for, click on the previous link.

However, this makes you more prone to getting a virus or malware on your computer Next we will see a list of the best Linux antivirus so that your computer never goes through these annoying viruses.

The best free antivirus for Linux

Let’s see some of the best antivirus that are recommended by everyone:


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This is the most effective antivirus for Linux. It is an open source antivirus that is still under development, it is simple to install and operates fast, it is also available for Windows and iOS.

This is effective since it has a command line interface scanner, the antivirus has periodic updates, scans e-mail and also has support for files such as PDF, Office and Zip. You can click here to download it.

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McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux

McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise for Linux offers active real-time protection for Linux environments, it has automatic updates so you will not have to restart the computer, its protection level is high.

This antivirus contains many tools such as: Internet Security, Antispyware and others. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux It is very easy to configure and its interface is fast, it also detects and blocks malware in stored files.


Although Bitdefender It is most used by Windows consumers. This antivirus also works for Linux. It is not technically free but does offer a free trial version.

The reasons why this antivirus is very effective is because scan filesIt has a built-in desktop and can be run on command lines, plus it has support for Solaris, Linus, and FreeBSD.


ESET NOD32 antivirus offers basic protection to Linux operating system computers without taking up much space, so you can continue to play, surf the internet and shop online without any interruption.

It is one of the most effective software when it comes to disinfecting your computer, since it is very accurate when it comes to detecting viruses, and it is also very fast, it does not take up much space.

In case a virus has done very serious damage, it guarantees the reconstruction of the damaged areas of the system, in addition works remotely which facilitates the worker with servers in different locations. It is also available for Windows and iOs.


Sophos is free software that guarantees protection for Linux, works remotely, quickly and easily. When it comes to detecting an antivirus it is fast, users can activate and deactivate protection in real time.

Sophos has web filtering, an option that allows users to access, block or warn certain features of the website, you can also create a white list to allow certain websites

Avast Core Security

Avast Core Security has a great reputation among users of Windows, and in its users Linux Also since both versions contain the same malware database, it is an excellent antivirus when it comes to detecting malware.

One of the aspects that characterizes it is its real-time protection, it also has periodic update, network security, Core Protection and can be run on command lines.

F-Prot Antivirus

It is a program antivirus which is characterized by being simple, with great ease of use, fast and reliable that produces quick solutions to viruses, whether they are boot or Trojans.

It is completely free and offers analysis of files and equipment in general. F-Prot Antivirus removes viruses immediately, it also contains a threat directory and provides real-time protection.

Why install an Antivirus?

Safe laptop with padlock and shield

As we mentioned before an antivirus is essential on any computer and if your operating system is Linux, you still need it for your safety. Install one and feel more secure. Another thing you can do is also create and add users in Linux with root permissions.

If you want to learn other things about Linux, this article on how to mount or unmount an ISO image in Linux can be of help.

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