What are the Best Free Flashlight Apk Apps to Download on Android Mobile?

In previous years manipulating a electronic equipment or a mobile phone It was somewhat tedious, patience was needed to execute them because these teams had mechanically used buttons.

These devices were simple, basic but at the same time practical. Over time, the need for a system designed to operate devices or equipment was analyzed. It was in the 50s when the first team with an operating system was born with the name of GM-NAA I / O which was installed on an IBM computer.

This operating system over the years would give way to other systems that would evolve to make life easier. Among these systems that came into being at that time are the following: Linux, Mac Os X, Microsoft Windows, IBM OS / 2, MS-DOS.

Today any individual can manipulate these devices from computers, mobile phones, tables among all. It can be said that the operating system is a software that dominates the computer or device allowing them to carry out the different processes to carry out the actions determined by the user.

These phones make everyday work easier because you can save a large amount of information due to the multiple applications that allow it. One of these operating systems that has been integrated into most phones with different interfaces is Android.

What is Android?

It’s a operating system for the purpose of being integrated into mobile phones. This system is open source, which means that it can be adapted to any platform.

official android operating system logo

Android was born in 2003 by Chris White, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Andry Rubin. His vision was that this system was initially integrated into the cameras installed In computers. This system is completely free, so you can enter it on your phone or if you want to put your programming knowledge into practice.

It is safe and allows you to know if there are faults and correct them. So much so that many programmers have been able to correct and modify source codes. The language by which it has been programmed Android is under the Dalvik language which comes from Java. It is simple and easy to use allowing you to access the applications you want.

Phones that have this Android service contain various Google applications to enter their services as well as allowing you to download others. These phones correspond to the brands: Huawei, ZTE, Motorola, HTC, LG, Lenovo, Samsung, BlackBerry, Sony, Nokia, among many others.

Android gives you the freedom to download applications either to enhance your photos or download mp3 music. Or if you want you can download an application so that your phone count on a flashlight in case you have to be in a dark place.

flashlight light lighting turned on from an iphone

It is so free that it allows you to even measure the height of a person with your phone’s camera, but let’s talk about the flashlights that are very useful in many situations that are easily presented to us on a day-to-day basis.

What are the best flashlight apps on Android?

Then I will show you what they are best flashlight apps that we find in the PlayStore or in Apk so you can download it to your phone, watch or table:

  1. Flashlight Widget: This application works from your widget. It will not encompass the memory of storage of your phone because its size is 100KB.
  2. Flashlight Free: It is free, practical and easy to use. You just have to press its button to perform its function. Its size is 300KB.
  3. Light Lamp Pro Without Permissions: This application has a particularity, it offers you two buttons to turn on the flash of your phone or its screen to light up.
  4. Bright flashlight or Linternit: It offers you a button to turn the flashlight on or off in addition to knowing the time and battery status.
  5. Icon Torch: It does not contain an interface which you only need the permission to turn on the flashlight, it is simple and easy to use.
  6. Power Button Torch: With this application you have the option to choose the time that the flashlight should be on, you just have to turn on your flash by pressing on your phone off button.

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