What are the Best Free Gadgets and Apps for Windows 10 Desktop?

best windows 10 apps and gadgets

Meet here the best gadgets and applications for Windows 10Regardless of how many versions of Windows 10 there are and which one is the best, we all like to customize our desktop.

You have to give it the perfect touch that identifies your personality, and one of the greatest benefits of Windows 10 or of most of those that use any of the versions of the existing Microsoft Windows operating system, is that it allows its users to customize their desktop with the best gadgets and applications.

It is known to all that a while ago Microsoft deleted gadgets for security reasons, but instead I create different App that do the same things and much better. Here today we want to show you some of the best gadgets and apps for Windows 10.

The best apps to customize your Windows 10 desktop

One of the great virtues of Windows 10 is that it has a virtual store “Windows Store”, which is perfect to customize the way we like our desktop with different applications. Among the best we can find the following.


It is one of the best Windows 10 applications if you need to efficiently manage your tasks, count with one Intuitive and simple design that allows you to organize very well each one of the pending tasks on your desktop.


If you are a lover of drawing, this is the application that you cannot stop having on your computer, it allows you make your drawings in a simpler way because it has a very intuitive design.

windows 10 desktop on notebook

Also, if you like graphic design with this application you can learn a bit, because it is created with the mission of supplanting Photoshop.

This application allows you store all your designs in your gallery so you can share them with other visitors, everyone who sees your designs will enjoy the finished art and also a video with the entire process you did to make it.


If you are one of those who unintentionally deletes important information many times, this is the perfect application for you. With Recuva you will be able save videos, photos, files, folders or music. It is only necessary to download and install Recuva Professional in Spanish for free.


This application is designed only for touch devices, because it is designed so that you can make freehand drawings, this App is very similar to Paper By.

The best gadgets for Windows 10

We already met some of the best applications for your Windows 10 desktop, now is the time to know the best gadgets for you customize your desktop. Although they are very few, we assure you that they are the best.


It is a gadget revived for being one of the favorites of users, the main advantage it offers is that it has a large number of skins available in addition to the large number of applications that it includes that have been developed by the Rainmeter community.

desktop applications in windows 10


This tool has a wide variety of gadgets to personalize your desktop. One of its great advantages is that it allows the user to install other gadgets apart from those that were already installed before.

It was recently updated so that Windows 10 users can enjoy the variety it offers, and it also allows you to remove unwanted gadgets quite simply.

Be careful when downloading applications or gadgets

We have already shown you the best gadgets and applications for Windows 10. Now is the time to give you some recommendations before installing them, all the applications and gadgets that we mentioned before are available in Windows Store, so if you want any, make sure to download it there,

You can also get them from Microsoft, where it is safe to download the different applications available. Now, avoid entering direct links where they offer you “Safely download your app or gadgets“This may contain viruses or Trojans that will only cause you to lose your documents and damage your computer.

Make sure that the download is always through official pages, in this way you make sure that everything you are downloading is legal and without errors.

On the other hand, you may find many more applications than gadgets available, this is because a short time ago they were approved again gadgets. And those that you can find today are mostly old repowered gadgets.

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