What are the Best Free Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad?

Using the best free keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad is something that Manzana is allowing its users for a few years.

We all know that the king of these applications is Google with the great variety it offers for Android. Even knowing a list of the best keyboards to download on Android phones.

Now, today we want to talk to you about the best free applications to change the keyboard of your iPhone or iPad. We all want to give it a different touch and that fits to our phones, and these keyboards can help you with that.

The best free keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad

Next, we will show you different options for you to download a keyboard application for iPhone. Always keep in mind that before downloading any application to your mobile, you must investigate very well if it really is the best for you.


Let’s start with one of the most common, it is an iPhone keyboard application designed by Google. It’s a simple keyboard with all the necessary functions of a good keyboard.

On the other hand, this application allows you to search and send any information you want from Google and do Google searches from the Gboard keyboard. What’s more, has Glide Typing, a function that helps you write your messages much faster and with greater precision.

Phraseboard Keyboard

The best of this keyboard app for iPhone and iPad is that, you no longer have to write the same answers over and over again, because it allows you to save the most common answers that you use so when you need them, you just have to select and send them.

custom keyboard

In addition, it allows you to create the phrases that you use commonly and save them by category, saving you having to write them daily. And if you change your mobile, there are no problems with the phrases you already saved, since these they sync with iCloud.

There are many options you can find for the keyboard of your iPhone or iPad, here we will see the best so far.

Go keyboard

This app of keyboard for iphone It is popular for a great plus that it offers, it has more than 40 languages ​​available in its free version, among which are Thai, Urdu and Lithuanian.

Touchpal keyboard

If you are a lover of keyboards that you can change the theme to, this is the perfect application for you. It has endless themes available, in addition to more than 800 emojis.

It also offers you more than 100 text options for your fonts. So, if what you are looking for is a keyboard that matches your style, this is the best option for you.


With the Bitmoji keyboard you can create your own emojis, so if you are a lover of sending an emoji for every occasion this is the ideal App for you. With it, it will be easy to create your own custom Emojis for Android and iOS.

In addition, with this application you can quickly and easily create an expressive avatar and choose its mood after having successfully created it.

keyboard apps


This keyboard offers you the option of having your normal or mini keyboard, as well as offering you the option of typing with one hand. The main virtue of this application is that it predicts or finishes your words, saving you time in your writing.

Also, it predicts even the emojis, that is, if you want the heart emoji it will only be necessary that you start write the word and the emoji will appear.

Recommendations before downloading

All of the above iPhone and iPad keyboard application options offer many variations in the way of typing and having everything we need in one application.

But before downloading, we recommend that you verify if it is the one that best suits your needs, in addition to making sure that you have the memory needed to store the application on your phone.

Some of these applications can be very heavy and also require a extra space to store all the information that you add to them, so an important point to take into account is the storage of your phone.

In addition, it is possible that they have made other applications with the same name as the previous ones but promising a “plus”, you should evaluate them very well because sometimes they are ghost creators that can damage your phone.

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