What are the Best Free Widgets for my Android Device?

What are the Best Free Widgets for my Android Device

Are you looking to improve the performance of your phone? Do you want to have important information or useful tools at hand? Then my friend you need Widgets.

If you are tired of having to search, run and manipulate an entire application to do simple tasks like playing music. You urgently need a Widget with which you can access the tools you want from the home screen.

Widgets are very tools and they provide you with endless applications in order to make things easier for you. There is so much variety that it makes it difficult to know which one to choose and that is why we are here to show you which ones to try. Just pay attention carefully to our list and do not worry all these apps that we will show you are free and easy to use.

What are Widgets and which ones should I use?

Widgets on Android phones

In computing, a Widget is a Program which is made to show the user useful information or provide concrete tools. These are designed to work with data and help you do a task within your device. You can even create, edit or customize an Android Widget on the outside in a very simple way.

They are very useful and will make your life easier, let’s examine the Widgets most popular out there to this day. All these can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, you just have to enter from here or to the application from your phone.


This app is the most popular to view the Weather forecast, allows you to know the climatic conditions of your locality. Besides that you can see all this without having to enter the app but from the beginning with your widget.


Vecto logo Shazam blue background

For music lovers this app is perfect, it allows you to play all kinds of songs from the home screen. You just have to look for your favorite singer or the music that you like the most and Shazam will reproduce it for you.

This online music player is widely used and you will see that you will be able to listen to any type of music in a matter of seconds. If you want to learn more about this application, the following link will show you how to use Shazam to identify songs in other applications with Pop-Up

New Republic

You like to stay informed, New Republic is the best application for read the news that you can download to find out everything that happens.

This application will be very useful since it has a widget so that you can read the headlines from the start of your phone. Also has national and international coverage so that you never miss any news and are well informed.


If you want a widget that gives you information like the missed calls, messages, emails, alarms and more from the lock screen.

Then you must download DashClock, which will allow you to have all the relevant information of your phone at hand without having to unlock it. So if you are one of those who constantly unlocks your phone for anything, this app is perfect for you.


This app is the best that exists for the automation of processes in your Android phone. It is difficult to set up but after you learn there is no limit to what it can do, only your imagination is the limit. In summary, what this app does is that you can create your own Widgets or even simple applications to do what you want.

The only problem is that this application is paid but it has a trial version that is not bad at all. We didn’t want to pass it up even though it’s not free because of how cool it is and all the things it does. So give it a try, it is 100% recommended and we believe it will bring out the full potential of your phone without any doubt.

Applications make our lives easier

To always be connected in a social network, to download videos from any page or to be able to see files of all kinds. The potential that apps can take out of our phones is immense and we are very happy about that.

We hope our list of the best has served you Widgets for your android device. A good advice that we give you is that you have a very good file manager so that you can have everything in order. If you don’t know which file managers there are, or which one is the best, we leave you an article that talks about which are the best free applications to open files on Android.

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