What are the Best Grocery Shopping List Apps on Android?

Do the shopping listIt can be more fun and efficient than you think, just by pressing a few buttons, that’s it. And there are mobile applications that offer us these functionalities, and we will forget about the pencil and paper, which more than once we lost.

If you are the person in charge of doing these tasks and you have the Google Play Store downloaded and installed on your mobile, this interests you. That is why we have decided to show you what are the best apps to do grocery shopping list on Android.

Apps to make a grocery list on Android

The fact that you make a shopping list in advance has many advantages, for example, knowing that you need to you save good time. The truth is that getting one of these digital tools, undoubtedly, generates in us a significant contribution to health, pocket and time.

Next I will show you applications to make your shopping lists, and if one does not appear in your Android store, you can update it and that’s it.

Out Of Milk

With more than 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store, it is one of the favorites for users who make their shopping lists. Its functions include creating different shopping lists, scan articles and in future trips to the supermarket to know the approximate cost of the market.

mobile application out of milk

In addition, this fabulous tool allows you to inventories and share With the other family members the list by SMS or Email. And something very useful is that you can make an inventory in the pantry section so that it is never empty.

With this application we can surely make a good planning of our budget and make good decisions when buying.

Bring! Shopping list

Totally free, the Bring! Shopping list promises to accompany us from the process of planning our list of items to going to the supermarket:

  • You can create and share shopping lists with your friends and family.
  • it’s possible create custom lists for different occasions.
  • Together with the use of your smartphone, tablets, smartwatch and the Google Voice Assistant (in English) you can manage your shopping lists.
  • You can add photos to your products to remember the brand you liked.

Your list

A very practical app for Android devices with which you can make your list together with their prices, and thus control expenses. Yes, using this tool you have the advantage of adjust individual cost of the articles, so that when you go to the supermarket you will not be surprised.

mobile application interface your shopping list

One feature that you liked is the possibility of share by WhatsApp, Line and other social networks, the shopping list to family and friends. As you go down the aisle of the supermarket choosing a product, you go crossing out in the app and it is very practical.

Grocery list apps


If you decide to choose to try this tool on your next trip to the supermarket, you will enjoy the following features below:

  • Autocomplete. It is a quick solution to create our shopping list, since the app knows the items that supermarkets have.
  • Gather products in a department. As you enter your options, this function automatically groups the items in different sections of the supermarket.
  • If you have one long list, this app offers the solution of showing you on the screen those items you need to buy.
  • Delete products with ease just using one hand, leaving the other free to add or remove items from the cart.

Super Simple Shopping List

You can use labels by color and have your shopping list organized, that’s how Super Simple works, which has a good score in the Play Store. It has the option to share the list to others, edit or delete several articles and synchronize the list with your other devices.

It also has a simple interfaceIt is free and with this way of organizing your products by section, it will simplify your trip to the supermarket.

They are very practical tools, which do not require much storage, although if you have many applications, it would help you free up space to fully enjoy these resources.

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