What are the Best Keyboard Shortcuts in Word to Work Faster? (Example)

What are the Best Keyboard Shortcuts in Word to Work

It is well known that Microsoft Word is very useful when it comes to perform various types of work, both school and office and any other type of documents, but now, do you want to perform much more when working in Word? Do you want to learn to work faster in this very useful application?

Surely you want to optimize the time you spend working in Word and doing more soon. One way to do this is to use the keyboard shortcuts anchored to Word, which is why today we explain What are the best keyboard shortcuts in Word to work faster?

What are the best keyboard shortcuts in Word to work faster?

With the help of your keyboard, you will be able to activate a series of shortcuts when you are working in Word, which will allow you to work much faster. Some of these basic shortcuts, such as those that we will mention below, that carry out basic actions of interest to you.

  • CTRL + A: by pressing these two keys at the same time, you will be activating a function that allows to open a new document in Word.
  • CTRL + B: these two keys together allow the search option to be opened within a Word docx document.
  • CTRL + C: these two keys activate an option widely used in Word, that is, the Copy tool.
  • CTRL + D: pressing these keys is used to align the text of the document to the right.
  • CTRL + E: If you want to select all the text at once, use this key combination on your keyboard.
  • CTRL + G: whenever you want save edits made to a document, press these keys and the save options will automatically open in Word.
  • CTRL + H: on the other hand, if you want to tabulate the text within the Word document, using this key combination you can achieve it.
  • CTRL + J: by pressing these keys, you will be giving the order to justify the text of the document, to the left or right.

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  • CTRL + K: To italicize some of the text, press this simple letter combination and you will see your text in italics.
  • CTRL + L: These keys are used to open the Find and Replace menu in a Word document.
  • CTRL + M: to change the default font of a document in Word more easily, pressing these keys at the same time.
  • CTRL + N: with this key combination you can bold words in the preferred document.
  • CTRL + P: these keys are useful to get you to the Print section more quickly.
  • CTRL + Q: to align the text contained in the document to the left, press these two keys on your keyboard.
  • CTRL + R: to make the document close automatically in a faster way, activate this combination of letters on your keyboard.
  • CTRL + S: these two keys when pressed at the same time, allow you to underline some section of the text quickly.
  • CTRL + T: if you want to bring the text to the central part of the document, this combination of letters is the right one for it.
  • CTRL + U: for a document new blank open quickly, just press CTRL + U and this will be done.
  • CTRL + V: another widely used key combination, as it is used to paste something that has previously been copied into the document.
  • CTRL + X: used to count some section of the document.
  • CTRL: + Y: used to redo the last change you made in the Word document.
  • CTRL + Z: this key combination is useful when undoing the last change made in the document.

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Why use keyboard shortcuts in Word to work faster?

Use these types of commands with custom keyboard shortcuts, allows you to work faster in Word. In such a way that by learning them and using them, you will save time that you invest in configuring various aspects in Word documents.

You also avoid using the mouse, so if you do not use the mouse or at the moment you have it damaged, you can work in Word without it, because with the shortcuts only you will need your keyboard.

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