What are the Best Keyboards for Android Phones and iPhone with Big Letters?

What are the Best Keyboards for Android Phones and iPhone

In the course of history, telephony, as well as communication has evolved in order to satisfy the human need to communicate quickly and easily.

It was in the 19th century that the first mobile telephone equipment was first presented by its creator Martin Cooper in 1973 for the Motorola company. Not all people at the beginning of the arrival of the cell phone could obtain them, because it was not until the 80s that a minority had one, then by the 90s and 2000s, the one that anyone could have became popular a telephone in the sales centers.

For the year 2010 and these phones underwent a positive transformation since they had a touch screen which makes their use easier. Currently you have a wide variety of phones which you can buy according to your needs, among them the most popular are: Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, LG, Alcaltel, Xiomi, Nokia, Lenovo, ZTE, Elephone, Apple.

Each phone has different operating systems, among the best known are Android and iPhone, you just have to choose the one that adapts to what you want.

What is the Android operating system? What system does an iPhone work with?

Android is a operating system founded under the vision of Linux with various software belonging to open source produced by the Google company. Its most relevant feature is that these devices contain a touch screen.

This Android system is very popular because it allows the devices that contain it to use and download an innumerable sum of applications that the user can run without complications. Android contains Google Play with which you can download the apps At no cost, you can also enjoy using information by streaming.

Another advantage of Android is that you can make video call by Hangouts, connect through Bluetooth, Wifi, among others. In a device with Android system you can develop your files from MP3 to JPEG among others, in addition to enjoying the best music players.

official android logo where we see a robot that is its symbol

Android has different versions that you can know because each one is named after sweets or desserts, this allows you to determine which is the most current version. In addition, Android is iPhone, a mobile device that contains multiple tools. This was created by Steve Jobs in 2007 and then the following year a version based on 3G technology was offered to users.

Your operating system is iPhone OS which is derived from Mach kernel operating system It is only used by Mac OS X computers. These iPhone phones are also known by the name of Smarthphone because they are smartphones.

These have a photo and video camera, a touch screen, and you can also enjoy movies and music on them. You can also listen to your favorite audio books on your iPhone without having to pay any amount as it is completely free.

mobile iphone in which we see its back, cameras and official apple logo

Even if you want your iPhone, you can use it or configure it as a remote control on your Apple television without having to get up from your bed or armchair and continue enjoying your training. However, many people when using them find it difficult to see them due to the size of the letter on their keyboard, but there are a number of keyboards on the market that you can use if you have this difficulty.

What are the best keyboards for Android and iPhone cell phones with large letters?

In the market you can find one great variety that you can use To see your keyboard in large font format, below I will show you several alternatives:

1C Large keyboard

This keyboard is created for those who have vision problems. Its keys are designed under the XXL format allowing to speed up the search of the words when writing.

Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

With this keyboard you can type without fear of mistakes that you could make with other keyboards when do not display the letters or by the size of your fingers.


This keyboard makes it easy for you to write it contains many functions for it, you can even expand it to make the keyboard appear larger.

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