What are the Best Marketing Ideas for Starting a Mary Kay Business?

What are the Best Marketing Ideas for Starting a Mary

Mary Kay is a company that offers products for skin and body care, among others. Their cosmetics brand is very popular in the market, as their business is based on direct sales.

Maybe you are thinking of starting a Mary Kay business, or you are already a beauty consultant with this company and you are looking for the best marketing ideas. You have arrived at the right place, because in this post we will explain What are the best marketing ideas for starting a Mary Kay business?

Best Marketing Ideas for Starting a Mary Kay Business

The Mary Kay cosmetics brand alone attracts certain customers, however, Your success is linked to your ability to market these products and to yourself. Hence the importance of using the best marketing ideas and thus increasing your sales and income. Here are the best marketing ideas you can use:

Daily deals

When you became a Mary Kay consultant, you received a web page, on which a product on sale or discount appears every day. In advance send emails to your customers and potential customers of the product on offer or discount. Add a direct link to the product and where to buy it. Or you can also include a “Buy Now” button in your email marketing. In this way your customers can buy directly, without having to visit your website.

Take beauty workshops

Another thing you can do is hold a beauty workshop, it can be at a client’s home or in your own home. Invite your clients to an afternoon of Spa treatments and refreshments. Show everyone how the products work it’s a great way to convince them to buy.

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a gift basket of mary kay products

You can also organize raffles for baskets filled with Mary Kay products as a final gift. Doing this will allow you to get names, emails, and postcard. You can even offer a special offer for all those who buy products.

Electronic newsletter

Every week or fortnight it sends an electronic newsletter. In it you can share beauty and health tips, special offers and advice on how to achieve healthy skin. The idea is that you stay visible and reinforce your reputation like a beauty expert. In addition, you can include special products or discount coupons.

Use Facebook to make yourself known as a beauty and business professional

When you start a business in Mary Kay you have the objective of selling their products and for that you need to know where your customers are Of course, you get these on Facebook. Hence the importance of creating a business page on Facebook and inviting your customers, friends and family to “like” it.

Create photo albums on Facebook of your clients with the “before and after” makeup, as well as yourself at local events you have held demonstrating makeup techniques. Also take photos of the gift baskets you have made.

At least once a day post some information; However, try that it is not always related to the sales of your business. You can share links to articles or websites that discuss skin care, hair care, medical research, makeup tips, and new fashion trends.

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different products of the brand of cosmetics mary kay

When you make these types of posts, your clients will notice that you care about them and that you don’t just want to sell them products; you want to educate them by sharing valuable information that they can use in their daily lives. This will boost your credibility as a beauty and business professional. We hope you have enjoyed this post, leave us your comments and remember to share this post with your family and friends.

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