What are the Best Marketing Ideas to Attract Customers to a Fine Jewelry Store?

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The fine jewelry trade is a very particular market. In fact, it is not intended to provide a need or convenience. Well, their sales are based on promoting feelings or emotions full of symbolism from ancient traditions. If you own a fine jewelry business and you are looking for good ideas to attract customers, in this article we will show you What are the best marketing ideas to attract customers?

Best Marketing Ideas to Attract Customers to Fine Jewelry

A survey reveals that two-thirds of fine jewelry buyers start their search online before buying. Others use social media to get information and help. Therefore, digital media is an excellent marketing strategy to create communities around your company or brand. These are the best marketing ideas to attract customers:

Search Engine Paid Advertising (SEM)

This is one of the best ideas to attract customers, invest so that your ads appear as high as possible in search engines. Make the most of your investment by optimizing what you cancel for each click, dividing it towards your buyer persona. Another thing you can do is create campaigns for display remarketing to attract interested users.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO)

Ranking in the top organic search results is a good marketing idea. Doing this is very profitable and will allow you to increase sales, without the need to resort to large advertising investments. However, it takes time to see your results. Hence, the importance of optimizing SEO to improve web positioning. Keep these concepts in mind:

  • Audit your web page, look for the bugs of metadiscriptions, usability, URL.
  • Design content of interest to attract more web traffic.
  • Link your website to social networks.
  • Optimize your keywords.

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Create marketing strategies for jewelry in your emails

Having a good database will allow you to create personalized newsletters with offers and promotions. Email marketing is very effective for remarketing, you can divide and personalize emails to users who have visited your website or social networks.

Write in a blog about jewelry

Creating a blog is a very profitable marketing idea. Blogging is cheap and it only takes time, although not much, but the results can be very effective if you talk about the right topic. Look for ideas for articles that may interest your audience, remember to use keywords and be patient.

Use social media

Social media is a very effective marketing tool to attract potential customers. Through social networks you can promote your products and manage your brand. For example, you can create an Instagram profile for business and a Facebook page for your business.

Google My Business

You can register your jewelry in Google My Business so that it appears in local search engines. This facilitates interaction with potential customers through the Google Maps search engine and as a result you will attract more customers to your store.

Use Google Shopping or Marketplace

Using Google Shopping or Marketplace is a very good marketing idea to attract customers, as they are huge digital markets in which you can promote your fine jewelry, and in this way to reach more public.

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Although these portals ask for a percentage for each sale, it is always good to have an item available in a Marketplace. You may not get many sales, but if they will help you reinforce your brand.

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