What are the Best Marketing Ideas to Get Clients in a Cleaning Company?

Starting a company causes excitement and at the same time a lot of fear because you do not know how successful the company will be in the market. However, the success you achieve depends largely on the marketing strategy you use; for this reason this post is dedicated to teaching you which are the best marketing ideas for getting clients into a cleaning company.

Marketing ideas to implement in a cleaning company

What are the Best Marketing Ideas to Get Clients in

Design a web page: Even if your business is small, you can create a web page; This should be simple and should not be flooded with words because the customer will quickly leave your website. It is important that your page contains contact numbers, email, services you offer with updated prices, promotions and a small review where you explain to the client why they should choose your company.

Don’t forget to upload photos and videos of the staff working, you can even upload photos of the before and after cleaning. You can also create a section where your clients can write and rate the experience they had when hiring your company.

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Advertise on Google Adwords: Many internet users use Google as their preferred search engine, so using Google Adwords is an excellent tool to advertise your business because when a Google user searches for cleaning companies, yours will appear as an option.

groups of people cleaning a house

Social media: A large part of the population uses social networks not only to learn about the lives of famous people, they also look for products and companies that provide certain services; For this reason, social networks are a great tool for advertising and publicizing companies.

Create an account for your cleaning company where you include the Contact information, the services you provide with their prices, advice and promotions; it also uploads photos of the teams and staff at work.

Hand out flyers: Although this tool is a bit old, distributing flyers in buildings, offices, nurseries, parks or placing advertisements on community billboards will help you reach more people, even those who do not use social networks.

Visit the companies personally: Make visits to local companies and businesses, to promote your services, even leave brochures and business cards with the services you offer, prices, promotions and contact information.

Infographics: You can create infographics on the Canva website to explain your services in an attractive way, and you can also share these infographics on social media to increase traffic to your website.

Use YouTube: Creating a channel on YouTube will allow you to cleaning tutorials, talk about cleaning supplies and equipment. In your channel you can leave the link to your website and social networks so that people know more about your services.

Make discounts and promotions: You can use social networks to run a contest where they offer a cleaning at half price, make discounts on an upcoming cleaning if the client recommends 3 friends. If a client contracts a service for more than 2 months, give him a discount or clean the windows for free.

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Free demo: Depending on the service you offer (cleaning furniture, glass, crystallization of floors, etc.) you can offer a free demonstration of the service to show the potential client what they will get if they hire your cleaning company.

Tips for giving a good cleaning service

  • Be courteous, friendly and treat the customer with great respect, answer all their concerns with patience.
  • Deep cleans, don’t provide mediocre service.
  • Use quality equipment and products.
  • Offers affordable prices, even make discounts and promotions for your frequent customers.
  • Don’t do the job rushing take the time to provide efficient service.
  • Incentivize your staff with bonuses, train them and treat them with respect, since half of the success depends on the staff you have under your charge. Unmotivated staff results in poor cleaning services.

The suggestions in this post will help you attract potential clients to your cleaning company; But making them really your customers will depend on the way you treat them and the prices you offer. You must convince them that your cleaning company is the best in the market and it is what they need to keep everything clean.

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