What are the Best Most Used and Lightest Linux Distributions There Are?

What are the Best Most Used and Lightest Linux Distributions

The Linux operating system is one of the most adopted by the current technological wave, and this is due to its variety in versions and distributions for all devices, which allow the easy and fast handling of computers, tablets and smartphones.

Linux is even a highly recommended system by computer professionals, who prefer it over Windows and MacOS, which are at the forefront for being more aesthetic and marketable. If you want to know more about Linux, we invite you to read this article.

What is Linux and why is it so recommended?

Currently there is a lot of computing and digital movement so it is necessary to have operating systems, for the different devices, that allow that flow or transit of information to be manipulated efficiently and effectively, more and more.

The Linux operating system can be defined as an operating system option with the ability to manage all computational processes quickly and easily, with a not so aesthetic format, but easy to learn to manipulate when needed.

The system is based on a free software and it has many versions or distributions that make Linux a multifunctional tool that can serve various purposes as the user deserves.

Perhaps we have seen that this system is not as widely used as Windows and its wide diversity are, or as MacOS and its great design plus the unique and incredible properties of its versions.

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But actually Linux is a high-quality operating system, with various distributions and great features. It is also recommended by almost all technicians for its originality and simplicity of its design, plus a myriad of tools that serve specifically for various purposes and uses that are given to it.

What are Linux operating system distributions?

An easy word to use to explain the term Linux distribution is Linux version or versions. However, in computer science or electronics it is commonly known as distro or distros. These three are exactly equivalent, and the linguistic use of each of them, or of all, will depend on the user.

Not only because of the Linux tools and applications is that we consider this system as one of the most versatile, but, as we have mentioned previously, the huge diversity of versions or distributions that have said operating system is also exceptional.

A Linux distribution is then a system whose kernel is Linux, and it has unique characteristics that differentiate it from other distributions. Not only because of the devices that can use it but also in the specific tools; that make each distribution a special environment for a certain job or possible purpose.

Mostly speaking, it can be said that the distributions have free software, except for a few, which gives users the possibility of making modifications; where lies the reason that the number of Linux versions exceeds a list with more than 50 seats.

What are the best Linux distributions, the most used and the lightest that exist?

The point of better or worse we leave it to the user and depends on the needs of this in terms of an operating system. Although there are some preferred by the majority, either for design reasons or for tools that some have and others do not; actually the user is the one who establishes whether it is better or not for himself.

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However, we can at least say which are the lightest and most widely used Linux distributions or versions today. In this sense, it is important that you know that the following distributions are only for computers; and they are special for those with low resources in terms of capacity.

Some of them are Linux Xubuntu, which needs only 512MB of RAM to work; Linux Lubuntu, as light as the previous one; Linux Lite, which requires 768MB of RAM; Zorin OS Lite, Arch Linux and many more.

Even other distributions deserve less capacity to run as is the case of the distribution Tiny Core; that despite running with 10MB, it runs with a minimum of 48MB of RAM. These represent a minimum percentage among the existing ones.

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