What are the Best Online Video Players?

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The use of multimedia content has had an outstanding impact on the world in recent times. Being an audiovisual tool, the need has arisen to use more and more low-demand video platforms like VOD to play videos. Aware of this, we bring you a list of the best streaming video players that exist.

The best online video players

Youtube is the largest platform to enjoy online videos. But you just have to know what are the best alternatives similar to YouTube available to watch videos, and that it is possible to access them. Take a look at the best online video players:

AdnStream.com: This player is very light and fast. It has the option to view content in HD channels. It offers you the possibility of viewing the videos in full screen mode on your monitor, both in 4: 3 and 16: 9 formats.

Team Videostream: Works directly with the Google Chrome platform. This has been designed with the «Videostream for Google Chromecast» function, thus giving you a much more complete browsing experience. Among its greatest attributes is that the service is completely free.

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Volume Booster: It is primarily intended as a extension that allows you to improve the audio of your movies and series, which considerably improves the lower sounds of the videos you watch from Google Chrome.

UStream.TV: It was created mainly with the purpose of being able to be used in live broadcasts, facilitating conferences on the internet, especially academic and news events. Despite that, it contains many channels with various themes to watch series and movies.

Archive.org: It is recognized for being an open information platform. It allows you to share any kind of extension under open source formats. Access is completely free, very favorable if you like feature films.

Veoh.com: This online platform is considered Vevo’s competition, one of the best options that currently exist in the audiovisual content industry. The reason is that it is possible to find a wide variety of content in movies and music, as well as the opportunity to visit channels and forums.

The most incredible video player proposals

Retrovisión.tv: You will be able to reproduce all the amount of videos you want and you will be able to locate them in a very easy to use interface. It is considered one of the best options to find feature films and short films for all tastes.

Smart Video for Youtube: If you like to play YouTube videos on your PC or Smartphone, the Google Chrome search engine offers you an extension that you will love. Smart Video for YouTube offers you the possibility of obtaining infinite audiovisual content without any type of interruptions when enjoying a streaming video.

Reproductorvideos.onlinegratis.tv: As its name indicates, it is totally free. It should be noted that, unlike the other players, this one is compatible with Windows, MacOs, Android and iPhone operating systems.

Videoplayer.onlinegratis.tv: It is also known as “Web Media Player”. It is another option available for Windows, Mac and Android computers. Works directly with browsers Google Chrome, Opera and Moxila Firefox. You just have to enter the URL of the video and that’s it.

Video Speed ​​Controller: Google Chrome provides you with this extension so that you can enjoy a wide variety of online videos. It has the option of modify speed of the HTML5 videos to your liking.

Huli.com: It is an alternative somewhat different from the others. Since it is based on the online video broadcasting platform, you can enjoy a wide and varied range of TV channels of all the world.

Torrent Stream: It is a solution offered by Google Chrome that allows you to play video files very easily. In order to enjoy the audiovisual content, you must copy and paste the file with links and thus play the streaming video.

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You do not need to occupy space in the memory of your computer or mobile device. In addition, if you accelerate your internet to the maximum you will be able to enjoy your online video players better.

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