What are the best programs for making flowcharts?

the best programs to make flowcharts

In academic and work areas it is very important know and handle each and every one of the tools that are learned to communicate ideas and information.

In this sense, one of the most efficient tools has been the flowcharts. If you still do not know them or do not remember very well what it is about, do not worry, here you will find the information you need.

Let’s talk about flow charts

Explaining what a flow chart is is simple: it is a visual instrument that will help you explain the stages of an action that will be carried out.

In other words, this schematic tool will allow you to give know all the sequences that a process undergoes from start to finish, synthesizing the information and making known the most relevant details of it.

Types of flowcharts

This important tool can be presented in different ways. Mainly, the most common flowcharts are vertical types, that is, those whose structure develops from top to bottom.

Types of flowcharts

Next are the horizontal type flow charts, in which their sequence is from right to left. Finally, there are the panoramic type flowcharts, which are a combination of the vertical and horizontal flowchart.

So, depending on the amount of information you need to present regarding a procedure, you can select any of these types of flowcharts to synthesize the information.

Why use flow charts?

The characteristics or advantages that flowcharts can bring are numerous. This tool is mainly used in the business environment, popularly created with Visio. Since, used as a way to connect ideas that help improve productivity, also fueling people’s creativity.

  • It is a favorite tool not only for detecting problems, but also for proposing solutions from the administrative field of any organization.
  • More dynamic when explaining, step by step, how to carry out a certain activity. So it is a perfect alternative to long and overloaded guides.

Flow charts on your computer

Now that you know what a flow chart is and what it is for, it’s time to discuss a very important point: how to make a flow chart on your computer? Very simple.

Flow charts on your computer

As mentioned at the beginning, here you will find a series of extraordinary programs that will allow you structure amazing flowcharts to organize your ideas or to make a simply masterful presentation.

Draw.io: Extraordinary and free

Without a doubt, one of the best programs that you can use to make your flowcharts is Draw.io. It is compatible with both computers with Windows operating system, as well as with macOS and Linux computers.

Internet connectivity will not be a problem, since you can use it offline. In addition, it has important tools to structure flow diagrams according to the demands of different areas: business, engineering, networks, among others.

Creately: Useful, but limited

Another very good tool that you can find on the web is Creately. Either in its web or desktop version, you will have an interesting range of tools for structuring your diagram.

The negative? Maintains a free version and a Premium versionAs far as the former is concerned, it is not entirely possible to get the most out of it. However, if you want to try this option, you can enter their platform.

DrawAnywhere: From the comfort of any computer

This online platform for creating flowcharts is free and only requires you to register to use the different tools it offers.

In addition to its basic, but interesting tools, it offers you the opportunity to save your work either in PDF or image format.

Which one do you prefer?

With these extraordinary tools, you just have to get down to work and start exploring these programs to structure the best flowcharts anyone has ever seen.

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