What are the Best Recipe Apps to Cook a Family Christmas Dinner?

When it reaches the christmas season, the first thing we all think about is the ideas to decorate our house. However, as we well know, during this season the most important thing is not gifts, but spending time with the most important people in our lives.

So, something that characterizes this time is the Christmas dishes. Well, these become different in every part of the world. Similarly, they represent a tradition that reflects our roots and culture. In the same sense, if we are the type of person who likes to celebrate at home and organize your own events, we can help ourselves with technology.

That is why we bring you here the best recipe apps to cook a Christmas dinner in family. So you can show off as the best cook in front of your family and friends.

Why is food so important at Christmas?

As we have been able to mention previously, the food during the Christmas season is unique in every place on the planet. This is because we adapt the dishes to local ingredients, following our customs and flavors typical of our countries.

However, something we all have in common is the intention to celebrate. This is how food has become a symbol of celebration, and this comes from many years ago and even today it continues to serve this same purpose.

plate with Christmas cookies

In the same way as at Christmas, the food celebrates different holidays that take place throughout the year. From the important celebration of Three Kings Day, through Easter, even Valentine’s Day has its typical food.

Therefore, since all the family and friends are gathered at the table at Christmas, we are celebrating with those prepared recipes. As long as it’s Christmas dishes, the occasion becomes more special. That is why we long for the arrival of Christmas, just to be able to enjoy the delicious dishes that are prepared during that season.

The best Recipe Apps to cook a family Christmas dinner

Then you have everything ready, you have already sent the Christmas cards, you decorated your house, you have the drinks chilling, but the most important thing is missing, the Christmas food. Well we can blame our lack of culinary skills from which few manage to escape. But we can’t just leave it like that

For those little kitchen skills, there are plenty of apps that you can download on Android and iOS. Where you can find the best recipes to cook a Christmas dinner in family. In addition, some of these applications even allow you to calculate the cost of the Christmas dinner that you consult.

Nestlé Kitchen

Unsurprisingly, the application of the largest food company in the world Nestlé offers us a large number of Christmas recipes to prepare as a family. The best thing about this application is the visualization of the nutritional contribution of each recipe.

The Nestlé Kitchen app too includes recipe videos and the ability to search for recipes by themes such as Christmas, anniversary, summer, among others.


This application includes a catalog with more than 11 thousand recipes for both beginners and those more specialized in this art. Of course, we can find the best recipes for Christmas foods from around the world.

guests arrive to eat at Christmas

Something that makes this application different from this recipe application is the screen lock. Well as long as you have an open recipe, the screen will not go to sleep, so you can continue preparing your recipe and view the phone screen at the same time to review the steps.


This application it is a social network where you can share your recipes. It also allows you to comment on the recipes of other users and build your personal recipe book.

What am I cooking today?

A cooking recipe application where you can find many dishes for different occasions, including Christmas dishes. This app has the option to get a random recipe when you shake the phone.

Another strong point of this application, are the four recipe search modes with which it has: Pos ingredients, by dish names, by groups of recipes and by occasions. So you have no excuse to find the best recipe for the occasion.

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