What are the Best Trusted Password Managers for Android?

What are the Best Trusted Password Managers for Android

Today we are going to see what are the best reliable password managers for Android. So that in this way you can manage all the passwords that you use in different applications and websites without complications.

There are many secure password managers for other platforms like iPhone. But obviously, each of them have different characteristics. Today we are going to review each of those that, in our opinion, we consider the best for Android.

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The best password managers for Android


An old acquaintance, with a lot of history behind him and it is not for less since it is, possibly, the best you can find for Android. With a large number of tools that will make our lives much easier when it comes to managing our passwords.

The idea is quite simple: with a master password you have access to everything. You can save all kinds of data from: passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc.. Everything will be totally safe through a master password.

You do not have to remember all the passwords and data that you must enter daily in different services or applications. Just by knowing a single password, you can access all of them quickly and without any kind of risk.

The best thing about 1Password is that its integration with different applications and web browsers is simply flawless. Which undoubtedly makes our work considerably easier.

The only bad thing is that the price of the app is 3 euros per month. Nevertheless, worth every penny paid as it will make your life much easier. You can get it from here.

On the other hand, remember that if you are looking for password manager options for MacOS, we also have an excellent option for you.


Another of the best known apps when we talk about password managers. A simple, but effective app that has a modern and simple interface. Ideal for those who do not pretend too much.

You can manage not only passwords, in the same way that happened with 1Password you can save data such as credit cards, bank accounts, etc. Another thing you can do is create very strong passwords and share them with different people.

It integrates seamlessly with other applications and web browsers. The positive is that unlike 1Password it is cheaper since it costs 2 USD per month and in terms of functions it is practically similar. You can see more details from the Play Store.

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Reliable password managers for Android


Unlike the previous options, has a free version that has basic functions. However, for those who do not want much more, it may be an option to consider.

For those who want to pay a small monthly sum of 3 euros they can access a large number of interesting tools. Between them we can sync between devices. The only bad thing is that to use Dashlane we will have to install your web browser. However, we can use Dashlane to manage our passwords in all browsers and applications on your mobile.

For those who want a free option, then Dashlane is the best alternative. In case you are willing to pay, we recommend one of the above options.


It is another of the free alternatives that we are going to find in the Play Store and in total confidence. It has several interesting functions, it allows us to save all passwords in a totally secure way. It is not only available for Android, but also for Apple users.

Its integration with applications and web browsers is flawless. We can even use your website to manage our passwords in case we don’t have our mobile device at hand.

With an interface that is too simple, but with clear and accessible options. Bitwarden is a free alternative to consider, since, with its free version, for the less demanding, it offers everything we need.

In case you want to have extra functions, then you will have to go through the checkout and it is not expensive at all, since it costs 10 USD per year.

Finally, if you want an alternative to a password manager in Windows, you may be interested in knowing the most secure password managers for Windows.

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