What are the Biggest, Most Powerful and Most Valuable Best Companies in the World?

What are the Biggest Most Powerful and Most Valuable Best

There are some companies that have used effective sales strategies, in addition to marketing tricks and have managed to establish a successful corporate strategy, to find out which are these companies that achieved success, keep reading What are the best, largest, most powerful and most valuable companies in the world?

What are the best, largest, most powerful, and most valuable companies in the world?

Next, we will base this ranking on what it would cost to acquire one of these large companies in dollars today, so let’s get to it:

10. Johnson & Johnson

The American multinational company, which profits through produce and market pharmaceutical, baby and personal care products, has made it into the list of the world’s most successful companies.

This is because it currently costs an average of $ 395 billion dollars, in addition to being in many countries (around 175) and having at least 250 affiliated companies in more than 50 countries.

9. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

At about $ 455 billion, the company that spans markets such as finance, rail, insurance, food and non-food products, has established itself as one of the most valuable. This company also has a record of highest value of each share, with a value of $ 344,970, making it the most expensive in the world.

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The success of this company lies in its extensive catalog of Affiliated companies of various kinds, such as BNSF (rail transport), GEICO (health insurance), McLane Company (wholesales), among others.

8. Tencent

Tencent with approximately $ 510 billion dollars, bases its product on the internet industry and it has been very successful due to being one of the largest game companies. This enterprising Chinese company is not only limited to producing video games and the like, but is also an investment property and a successful conglomerate.

Its services cover the e-commerce, multiplayer online games, social networks, mobile games, smartphones, web portals, music and many other successful services.

7. Alibaba Group

With about $ 545 billion dollars, this company bases its success on e-commerce, mobile commerce, online money transfers and hosting online auctions. This company is not only successful in its native China, but also the world because it offers a virtual exchange platform, where you can get an immense variety of inexpensive products.

6. Facebook

With about $ 584 billion dollars, Facebook sweeps being one of the most used, viewed and popular social networks worldwide, and also being a leader in terms of cost effectiveness, by increasing your net profit by 54% last year.

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5. Alphabet Inc.

At around $ 919 billion, the company commonly known as Google, is currently the owner of sub-companies and successful services like YouTube, Android, AdWords, etc., thus managing to accumulate many earnings for himself.

4. Amazon

The leading company in the field of retail commerce, has great popularity and success due to its quality products, wide product catalog, low prices and speed of delivery, as well as the possibility of buying everything with a couple of clicks.

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Amazon offers convenience to both online sellers and buyers by offering its platform as a place for buy and sell of any product.

3. Apple

Apple has always stood out due to its modern designs, quality products and a successful and infallible marketing strategy created by Steve Jobs, which have managed to position themselves as electronic products most recognized in the world.

2. Microsoft

With $ 1,359 billion dollars, Microsoft occupies the second position on the list and not for less, since it owns famous products such as Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. The company created by tycoon Bill Gates is currently a world leader in computer software.

1. Saudi Aramco

Trading at $ 1.685 billion, this company is an outright winner, with a few Actions that exceed expectations and leading the leadership in the production, reversal and refinement of oil and plan to invest earnings in expansion and purchases also in various associations.

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