What are the cores of a processor, how many do they have and what are they for?

We repeatedly sat at the computer and ignored that cold box next to us. There is where the Central Processing Unit is located, or better known as CPU, which we often ignore and is very important to know, since there all the functions congregate vital parts of the computer.

The processor is therefore the thinking element of the computation, in it the vital functions for the correct functioning of the computer as an integral element.

So studying it, or at least knowing the type of processor you have, is essential to be able to advance in the computational world. All this will facilitate the work at the time of study the cores of a processor. Fortunately we are here to help with it.

What are the cores of a processor?

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Let’s think about all this in a simple way, so that there is no confusion with terminology and bombast. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the words “cores of a processor«It will be technology, internal components and performance. Under these premises we can easily build a conceptualization and an analogy that helps us understand it.

motherboard of a computer

It is true that the theme of the performance with processor cores and its number. However, there are other factors that influence for or against performance and we can clearly see this through programs to measure the performance of computers.

Entering the subject itself, let’s conceptualize what we refer to as the nucleus of a computer. We will expose it based on its functionality, which is what best guides us to give a concept, they are the elements through which it is run the calculation processes and adjustment in algorithmic processes, that is, the mathematical functions that make the operation of computers possible.

When rereading the concept, we can assume that the greater the number of cores, there will be better overall performance and therefore the computer would be superior. Well, this is a half truth or a truth that walks with false feet, because in essence it is a fallacy.

But what is true is that sometimes not all nuclei are active, which leaves the computer with great potential truncated, we can activate all the processor cores and improve its performance, yes, and it will be very useful.

Now is where the subject of analogy comes in, which will help us mislead erroneous interpretations about the nuclei, their function and the like. Many will think of them making a comparison, as if they were happy dwarfs who work inside the computer to make it work correctly, therefore, the greater the number of workers, the greater the development.

computer processor

But this is not so. The nuclei and its performance is measured by GHz, the higher the work, the higher the GHz, which could trigger a higher demand for the battery, however, there may be an equity relationship where the higher the number of cores, the better the distribution of the functions and the better energy conservation due to the decrease in GHz, that is why we said that Is a half-truth.

How many cores does a processor have and what are they for?

Their functionality will be dictated by the actions they perform, as they are the ones who handle the process of calculating and tuning the requests that the team executes, not just the requests. team-owned executions, also of those requested by the user, that is, the processor cores will be in charge of thinking and making it possible to execute the processes through calculation.

Therefore, its optimal operation will be vital for the team. It essentially serves the decoding process, which is nothing less than the internal mind of the computer, is like saying that the cores of the processors are part of the neurological system of the computers.

The foregoing may sound simple and crude, but in the end it is what best sums it up in terms of function, importance and prominence. Now in terms of numbers or quantity, it will be directly linked to the year of issue of the team, as well as its developers and manufacturing company.

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