What are the Dangers and Risks of Having a Cell Phone with an Outdated Android or iOS System?

What are the Dangers and Risks of Having a Cell

Apple and Google own both operating systems most known and used Worldwide. Both offer countless options in terms of communication and entertainment to their users.

The big difference between Android and iOS is that Android has an open system that can be modified at the convenience of the companies that use it, iOS on the other hand is a closed system, it can only be manipulated by its own creators which makes it better in terms of security and privacy than Android.

Both offer a series of updates that improve their applications, therefore it is of the utmost importance that we keep our devices with the updated operating system, in order to continue enjoying its ever-improved applications and features.

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Android operating system

This operating system was initially created for keyboards and cursors to navigate applications, but over the years it was updated to be used in smart devices like phones and tablets.

Currently works perfectly with Google in tablets and smartphones and is the most used operating system worldwide, it has a characteristic and that is that it works with an open system, that is, it is modifiable not only by its creators, which is a great benefit for developers and makes it easier to identify faults.

Create apps for this device it has no cost, so there are more applications that it can offer to its users. Being open source makes it the preferred choice of many smart device companies and developers.

Not to mention its relative low cost of devices on the market, unlike other operating systems. This allows it to be more accessible to the public and therefore to be best seller.

Currently this operating system has eleven updates, and has the peculiarity that all versions of the Android system are named after a dessert in English. To improve security and privacy on Android phones, it is essential to keep the operating system updated.

IOS operating system

As many of us know, all versions of the iOS mobile operating system are from Apple. Its initials «i» come from iPhone and «OS» for Operative System, which in English means operating system. With its name, you must imagine that it is a system relatively exclusive And as for the price of the devices that use it, it is a little higher than the others.

What makes it an operating system chosen by many is that it has a system closed, that is, only its creators have access to its modifications, updates and to add applications. Its updates every year offer more security to its users and these can only be found on Apple brand devices.

Like other operating systems, iOS allows us to download applications that the device did not originally have. For this it has a wide library of applications that is the App Store. Which we can access by registering an Apple ID user. iOS also has a very prominent virtual assistant in its functions.

Undoubtedly, the applications of the iOS operating system are of Best Quality since not everyone can include applications on these devices. These applications are created and tested by Apple before they are released to the market for users of its operating system.

The outdated or bad installation of the iOS operating system can cause problems such as that, for example, when they call you, the name of the contact does not appear on your iPhone.

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What are the dangers and risks of having a cell phone with an outdated Android or iOS system?

Operating system updates give us improvements in our device. By updating our operating system we can realize that its functions are faster, the applications are improved and the security system becomes more efficient.

Right now we are going to introduce you to some of the risks and dangers through which your devices can pass if you do not keep their operating system updated:

  • Vulnerability to cyber attacks
  • Less information protection
  • Less application performance
  • Some applications They stop working
  • Lower performance of the device battery
  • Slowness when executing device functions

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