What are the Demographic Characteristics of Consumers in a Marketing plan? (Example)

Customer research is crucial to determine the opportunities of a company that intends to design a marketing strategy plan. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn What are the demographics of consumers in a marketing plan?

Demographic segmentation

Demographic segmentation is a process in which the market is divided into small groups. The variables that intervene in demographic segmentation are nationality, profession, religion, race, income, age, among others.

The demographic segmentation It is very useful because it facilitates the understanding of consumer behavior that will be integrated into the organizational market analysis. In this way, companies can learn to better develop their work.

The consumer profile

The profile of the consumer is of great relevance to apply any marketing strategy. It begins with an investigative process that allows knowing the characteristics of a group of consumers according to a specific product or service.

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The consumer profile can describe physical, social, economic attributes, the aspects that motivate a customer to purchase a product or service, consumer behavior, their consumption habits, your daily activities and interests.

What are the demographics of consumers in a marketing plan?

To be able to carry out a business it is essential develop a plan that defines the product offered by a company, the marketing, the market, the competition, among others. Next, we present the attributes of the clients or consumers to carry out a marketing plan.

Customer attributes

A general population has social attributes such as race or nationality. At the same time, particular attributes such as age, sex, profession or educational level of each person can be known.

These characteristics allow you to define the target market in order to save resources and prevent advertising from spreading. When a company discovers the attributes of the clients, it will be able to define which will be the potential consumers and thus manages to channel the sales.

How to identify the characteristics of the clients?

In order to identify the characteristics of the clients, it is necessary to know the attitudes, qualities and people’s behavior. All of these factors depend on the type of product or service being offered.


Age it is one of the most relevant factors in identifying potential consumers. Intervals can be established to divide the population into small groups as long as they are consistent with the company’s offer.

The gender

Gender is another preponderant factor in determining demographic characteristics of a group of people. This is not a very specific quality so it could be used for a certain social group with the aim of manufacturing specific products according to the needs of each gender.

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The socioeconomic level

The socioeconomic level allows to know if people are willing to pay a certain monetary amount in exchange for a product or service. This level establishes the possibilities that a person can buy or not beyond the interests and preferences.

Likewise, with the socioeconomic level it is possible to know the PMC and the PMA, which are two trends that describe how people use their money.


The assertiveness of the design of a target market largely depends on determining the interests of potential consumers. This characteristic allows defining the group of people who will be inclined towards the acquisition of a certain good or service.


Another crucial element that defines the demographic characteristics of consumers is culture. Some religions, races and nationalities have particular preferences that are reflected in their culture. For this reason, most brands develop different advertising campaigns to promote and sell a product adapting to each geographic region.

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