What are the Disadvantages of Bad Advertising on Social Networks, Television and the Internet?

We live in a digital age, where a large part of our life we ​​live through digitalThis implies viewing content on social networks, be it Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook. Knowing this, among the goals of companies, it must be to have a good digital presence, and it is common for companies from all areas to have an account on the main social networks that their target audience uses.

All this presence has an objective, which is through digital marketing, sell more products using social media, but also how you can have a good presence, what happens if I have bad publicity on social networks? This can have a variety of disadvantages for our brand.

We will focus on the bad publicity that can be applied in all communication media beyond social networks, taking into account television, which, despite being a conventional means of communication, is still used by companies since it is has a great impact on the public.

What is bad publicity?

We can define bad publicity, such as that generates the opposite effect to what the brand is looking for, lowering sales, leaving bad reputation etc. This bad publicity can lead to a number of inconveniences for the brand, which are difficult even to count. Advertising in turn has a role in society, so if it is bad, we will not do the best

This bad publicity can come in different forms, be it misleading hiding important consumer data, being with a double meaning to confuse whoever consumes it, or being exaggerated saying that your product is the “best”.

In these examples, if they are disassembled, they generate bad publicity for the brand, also, with good reason because inappropriate or ethical means are used to reach an audience.
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Disadvantages of bad publicity

Many times we have heard the phrase “no advertising is bad” but is it really so? here we say no. In addition, bad publicity can put a brand very badly, leaving you damage that can last for years. This applies to all media, and if you still believe in that phrase, here we will show you the disadvantages of bad publicity.

It can bring with it a loss of confidence

If we don’t keep a promise, we can lose the trust of many people. And it is that we not only lose trust by customers, even partners and employees stop trusting the brand. This may take years for us to regain your trust.

This can be caused by carelessness where a service is exaggerated, which leads to brand disappointment.

Sales reduction

The exception is those companies that manage to have an increase in their sales after bad publicity, this usually happens in little-known companies, which are illuminated by bad publicity, but in the long term it makes it difficult to have growth by directly reducing sales. And this happens in most cases for companies

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Damages brand perception

Consequence of bad publicity, customers have negative attitudes towards the brandThis connects with the previous point, helping to reduce sales over a period of time. If our products are faulty and have to be recalled, it may mean that consumers will avoid the brand for a period of time.

Famous examples of bad publicity

There is an example of bad publicity carried out on a large scale, and the only way for it to be carried on a large scale is for it to come from a large company such as Pepsi. In 1992 he launched a contest, through the find number 349 In one of the Pepsi bottles, you would be a winner of the equivalent of $ 40,000.

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By mistake 800,000 bottles had this number printed, so when Pepsi refused to pay for each one, enraged people attacked the headquarters and trucks of the company, this leaving Pepsi with millions of dollars in loss, lawsuits for deception and being discredited in the Philippines.

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