What are the Human Resources Policies for Personnel Selection?

What are the Human Resources Policies for Personnel Selection

The human capital of a company is its most important resource, since we know that it is the employees or members of the company who carry out the activity day by day. Therefore, have adequate human resources policies for personnel selection it is essential in an organization.

Among the responsibilities of a human resources manager is to make sure that the prospects that the company hires share your values, mission and vision. This will be what allows them to work towards achieving the objectives set by the organization.

What are human resources policies?

Human resources policies are all those guidelines or standards in which an organization establishes the protocols by which activities are governed and employee behavior. This includes rules on organization, hiring, working conditions, employee conduct, among others.

In other words, they are a series of standards that affect all members of the companies and under which the interpersonal relationships of those members occur. Thus, in a company all employees know how to act in any situation that arises.

The human resources area must propose these policies to guarantee the effectiveness of each department of the company, just as the marketing area does to improve the business. It is not difficult to see the importance of human resource development in a company if we take these aspects into account.

human resources policies

All HR policies are decisions made to guide the way in which the various tasks of the company are carried out. It is worth mentioning some of the specific objectives of human resources policies to achieve this end:

  • Increase the efficiency of the organization.
  • Standardize personnel selection processes.
  • Train and motivate employees.
  • Define working conditions and maintain an adequate work environment.
  • Define remuneration.
  • Mediating problem solving.

Examples of human resources policies for personnel selection

When starting a new recruitment process, each company must have its own policies and strategies, although it is always guided by the guidelines of the law. These policies must be in line with the values ​​of the company and have clear objectives of the recruitment of personnel.

In this section we will show you some examples of policies that the human resources department uses when selecting new personnel for the company. All the examples that we will show you are based on logic, so it will be very easy for you to understand them immediately.

  • Ensure that all applicants have equal chances of getting a jobregardless of your ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ideology. What will give one applicant an advantage over another should be your employee record.
  • When filling a high position in the company, give priority to those individuals who have more experience and experience as members of the organization, as long as they meet the requirements of that position.

Staff selection

  • Define the competencies that each employee must have and constantly update them, as a means of justifying the results obtained in the evaluation that is carried out after their first six months of work.
  • Disseminate the recruitment specifications by various means, including social networks or advertising on internet pages.

Other Important Recruitment Strategies

  • Avoid having outsourced employees, as they are often associated with controversy.
  • Ensure that the employee’s salary or compensation corresponds to the demands of your position, as well as with the conditions of the job offer that is made.
  • Keep staff motivated so you can perform your tasks in the best possible way. This is a fundamental element to be able to carry out a successful corporate strategy. One way to achieve this, and at the same time nurture their skills, is by making it easier for the employee to certify their abilities through workshops or talks.

We hope this post about the human resources policies for the selection of personnel, and that you have been able to understand the importance of this department within the operation of the company.

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