What are the Main Causes and Motivation Problems in Employees?

What are the Main Causes and Motivation Problems in Employees

Job demotivation can be a serious problem for a companySince employees are a fundamental part of the pillars that support a company, having a problem within this sector can cause a negative effect in terms of productivity and inefficiency on the part of workers.

Constant fatigue, poor coexistence among employees, and poor performance are just some of the characteristics that it maintains. a worker with a lack of motivation, which most of the time is not detected in a short term, but over time it notably affects the individual and collective productivity of the same.

And it is for this reason that companies like Google designed strategies to keep abreast of the situations that the worker is going through, to be able to take care of their talent and keep out the emotions that surround it, focusing first on the factors causing the problem of lack of motivation.

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What are the main causes and motivation problems in employees?

The little economic retribution It is one of the main reasons why the worker presents a job demotivation, since after spending some time in the company the employee realizes the hard work that he is doing for a very minimal price, when he realizes such injustice neglects or does not maintain the same level of responsibility in the respective job.

  • An unfavorable work environment

Another reason why there is a lack of motivation in employees is the fact that not having a comfortable work environment, either due to a bad character on the part of coworkers, or a deteriorated physical environment, or poorly organized.

For this reason, as a company, we must try to ensure that employees maintain a good relationship with each other, renovating certain areas of the premises, creating positive spaces for workers to carry out their tasks comfortably, and knowing what their strengths are to generate better results.

  • Lack of adequate training within the company

This situation happens more frequently with the majority of workers who are starting in the company, and it is that a inadequate training for the employee Regarding jobs, ignorance of the company’s strategic plan, or the lack of an employee manual to serve as a guide, can generate some confusion in the worker, which causes inefficient production and even problems within the company. business.

  • Poor communication between hierarchical levels of the company

Poor vertical and horizontal communication in the company can cause a lack of motivation for the employee, because the said worker feels in an uncomfortable position by not being able to share his knowledge or contribute ideas for the well-being of the company, generally this happens for the existence of a arrogance by the high ranks.

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What are the consequences of a lack of motivation on the part of employees?

  • A low level of production in the company

A low level of production can cause a lack of responsibility with the deliveries of the products, a lack of confidence on the part of consumers towards the company due to a number of broken promises, and even can lead to the bankruptcy of the same company, because the employee will not develop responsibly or productively the tasks that are required for a company to produce.

  • Bad reputation of the company

Employees who have been expelled by the company due to their inefficiency due to lack of motivation can damage the company name due to negative reviews, on social media or word of mouth, which could be detrimental when creating promotions or trying to offer a product to new consumers

  • Constant change of personnel

Generally when an employee feels dissatisfied or uncomfortable within a company, whatever the reason, he tends to resign in order to find a more suitable job, which causes unstable staff in a company, which leads to a higher level of wasted time when doing constant internships

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