What are the most ingenious places or hiding places to hide money and valuables at home?

At some point we have all inherited a family jewel that has a great economic and emotional value. Likewise, we have also had our savings at home and we do not know what it could be the best place to hide the same.

Well, it is not surprising that this information is essential, since the stories of neighbors who have been victims of robberies in their homes are quite frequent. Hence the right choice of a place to hide both money and valuables within the home can make a difference.

Therefore, we will show you what are the most ingenious places or hiding places to hide money and valuables at home.

Where to hide money and valuables at home?

Insecurity is something that without a doubt it is not possible to escapeWell, we’ve all heard the story of a neighbor who has recently been robbed. Well, although for the thief it is easy money, many times this money comes from saving at home in difficult times.

Therefore, knowing which are the places where can you hide valuables or money in your own home is information that you should definitely know.

In this way, if you have recently modified a room in two, then you can take advantage of this division to keep money in the bookshelves, or inside a book on the shelf, in case you have used an item of this type. Likewise, a place that you should not miss to store your valuables and your money at home is the kitchen.

Well, you must bear in mind that there is no malicious person who is going to take a look in the cupboard of your dining room while you are looking for things of value. Although in many movies this is often the favorite place for some to hide their money, the truth is that in real life the real hiding place that does not work at all is the drawers.

panoramic view of a dining room and kitchen

Ingenious places and hiding places to hide money and valuables at home

Get to know a number of places that you can use as a hiding place for your money and valuables at home is extremely important. Especially if you want to keep some savings or family jewelry that is an heirloom safe.

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In this way, although many frequently wonder why money is so important in our lives, the truth is that this question is a reality. Therefore, knowing the places in your home that you can employ as a perfect hiding place for your valuables is not more.

With this in mind, you should know that you can use the pots of your favorite plants. This is an ideal place that no thief will certainly check out. You just have to place the object you want to hide in a box, as well as in an airtight bag to protect it from moisture.

East it’s a perfect hideaway, because nobody will suspect that the beautiful plant of your house hides a valuable secret. Items such as a record player, old TV, sculptures, or pegs with removable backs are great options.

planter with false bottom that hides a clock

Tips and tricks for hiding money and valuables at home

Have on hand a series of tips and places where you can hide money at home is as important as making a list for the family budget. Therefore, there are certain aspects that you should consider before using certain areas of the home as a hiding place for valuables.

Well there are certain places that are a terrible idea when deciding where to hide your money and valuables at home. Such is the case of using pictures or portraits inside the home, since this is one of the main places where thieves usually check for hidden access.

Likewise, it is the situation of the drawers, as many people consider this as one of the safest places for their valuables. However, the majority of registered burglaries have shown that this place is not safe at all.

Also, when you decide to hide your valuables or money, consider wrapping it in a protective layer of paper to protect it from moisture deterioration.

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