What are the Most Powerful Marketing Tools for a Successful Strategy?

The world of marketing is very extensive, but at the same time very effective if it is applied in the right way. In marketing, there are several specific tools that will help you succeed in your project or business much faster and easier. If you want to learn what these tools are, keep reading the following article, in which we will explain What are the most powerful marketing tools for a successful strategy?

What are the most powerful marketing tools for a successful strategy?


Evernote is an online tool in the style of a notebook where can you write everything what comes to mind in relation to your project.

To this information can be added: handwritten annotations, screenshots, photos, drawings and other files, also add websites or articles where you have obtained data that provides valuable information for your project.

Make my persona

Make my persona is a generator of buyer personas online, which are a symbolic representation of your type of ideal client, allowing you to know their tastes, motivations, preferences, behaviors and other statistical data of your audience.

With this tool you will be able to create a successful and personalized marketing strategy, in which you will be able to answer doubts and questions about your audience, the type of content they prefer and the like. With only 19 questions that the platform asks you about your potential customers, generate your ideal client, so that you have a clearer idea of ​​everything related to your clients.


This is a more powerful marketing tool to be truly successful in your business, with which you can create an email marketing campaign, since the email it is very good to make your business known.

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You can also do other things like subscription forms, create segments, automate responses and submissions, and it allows you to create databases just by creating an account in Mailchimp.


This tool is very useful because it allows you to do a thorough search on the products or issues that are trending, the most shared and consumed on the entire internet.

With this search software you can create the ideal content for your business, When tracking businesses, recognizing and studying the competition, knowing the most viral of the network, as well as knowing who are the influencers in the areas you need and what links they usually share.

More marketing tools to create a successful strategy

Google analytics

This is an ideal tool for making a analysis aspects such as number of visitors and visits to your website, the average number of pages viewed by each visitor, an approximate duration of the visit, reports and geographical aspects, demographic and social characteristics such as internet provider, mobile device, location, language, among others.

All in order to find out what to improve, what to leave as is or what to discard on your website, in order to attract more customers on your website and also know more about it. behavior of your customers.


With WeAreContent you can develop an effective marketing plan strategy, since this platform helps you in the process of planning, creating and distributing content for your website.

It allows you connect with freelancers They can write the content for your website (if you want and need it) for a low cost but with excellent quality. If you simply need advice and support in creating your marketing strategy, WeAreContent will also help you to do it easily.


Canva is a very useful tool when it comes to making designs of all kinds, such as advertising images for specific social networks, brochures, collage, among others.

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In Canva you can make designs from scratch or with the templates they offer you and thanks to its intuitive platform you can design everything yourself without having to be a design professional. This platform allows you to share what you have done directly in your social media or if you prefer, download it to your device as a JPG, PNG or PDF file, among others.

If you use all these tools together, your marketing strategy will be guaranteed success and your business will grow towards success.

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