What are the Responsibilities and Duties of a Hotel Receptionist?

The hospitality industry is one of the most successful, and part of that success depends on the quality of the hotel workers, in particular the receptionists. The role of this becomes so important that it depends on whether people want to stay in the hotel, because the first person the clients meet at the hotel is the receptionists.

If you want to know more about this job, its responsibilities and functions, stay with us and read the topic What are the responsibilities and duties of a hotel receptionist?

What are the responsibilities and duties of a hotel receptionist?

Guest reception

The word «receptionist» makes clear one of the most important functions: the main responsibility is cordially welcome customers, give them a friendly welcome to the hotel and update them on everything related to their stay, taking into account that they are the First point meeting of the client with the hotel.

Check-in and check-out (receive and dismiss) customers

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This task performed by the receptionists is nothing more than performing the registration of input and output of the hotel guests you work for. Also the hotel receptionist has the responsibility of verify identity and customer documentation, in addition to placing it in the hotel database before giving them the keys to their room.

Give customers information about the hotel

To provide a comfortable and quiet experience to guests by offering Accurate information about the hotel facilities, operations and services, as well as providing tourist information whenever possible.

entrance hotel reception check in hotel

This is because as part of advertising and marketing in the tourism sector, many hotels usually create excursions, tourist guides and the like, so the receptionist must notify clients of this in case they are interested.

This is another of the most common and main functions of a receptionist and is based on giving you much importance to customer service and their preferences and needs, that is, to meet their orders. Another job of the receptionists is to take care of the special services requested by the guests, such as a special dinner, extra beds, storing suitcases, etc.

The receptionist must notify clients of the possibility of accessing special services at the time he is doing them check-in, to ensure that all requests are fulfilled as soon as possible, so that they choose the hotel rather than rent a house or apartment to stay.

The receptionist is also responsible for handling telephone calls and emails sent to the hotel, and must even keep the information contained in the hotel’s corporate social networks up to date.

More on the roles and responsibilities of hotel receptionists

Address complaints, conflicts and incidents

Even though personality traits influence employee performance, a hotel receptionist must be patient and empathetic when dealing with customers, especially when problems arise. The receptionist must be fully capable of immediately and effectively resolving any type of questions, complaints, inconveniences, etc.

receptionist collect guest expenses

In addition, the receptionist must have a book of complaints, suggestions and recommendations ready in case a client requests it at a certain time. A good receptionist never behaves insolently, but rather behaves kindly even if customers are moody, in order to avoid conflicts and perceptual and other problems.

Control hotel security

Generally, in small hotels, the receptionist is also in charge of the surveillance department, giving special relevance to constantly monitor screen of surveillance cameras. Also, you must have some control over who come and go of the hotel, and also of the clients who stay in the hotel facilities.

Expense management

Ultimately, when the guest ends their stay at the hotel, in addition to check out, the receptionist must prepare the invoice for the client, in addition to the charges for other rooms, perform a count of the collected box and finally dispense this to the hotel manager.

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