What are the Steps, Phases and Stages in the Creation of a Company? Examples

If you are planning to start a business, you will need a guide that is really good and helps you get it right. You will get that guide that you want so much here, since then in this article we will take care of explaining What are the steps, phases and stages in the creation of a company? Examples.

Steps, phases and stages in the creation of a company

1. Motivation and inspiration

This is the stage that begins everything, in which you as an entrepreneur and with the mind of a visionary consider creating your own company, phase in which you must be inspired.

You can do it by reading articles, books and stories about business success that instill in you the necessary courage to dare to start a company and feel that you will achieve the objectives you want, so this can also be a more reflective phase what others.

2. Think about the business idea and evaluate its viability

This is a crucial stage, in which you must ask yourself what is your idea for your company, because without a good idea you will not be able to establish a good business. This is the business creation phase in which you should also study the feasibility of your idea, that is, how feasible it is, because if you realize that it is not totally viable, you should find another business idea or adapt the one you have more to reality.

In summary, at this stage the business idea must be established so that it fully adheres to mainly real, temporary, quantifiable and measurable objectives.

You may check feasibility of the business idea by subjecting it to a SWOT analysis, where you can clearly see the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business idea and see if it is viable.

3. Consolidate the business plan

The third step in this arduous process is to create the business plan for your company, which is a document where you express the steps to follow and it can include aspects such as the presentation of your company, legal procedures to be carried out, study of the competition, characteristics of the product, organization of the company, marketing strategy plan and human resources plan.

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It is for all these factors that the business plan serves as a presentation letter Before financing funds, banks and possible partners or investors, so it must be very well structured.

4. Get the resources

The stage of obtaining the resources to finance the company is usually the most difficult for some entrepreneurs, but you can achieve it if you explore all the options that you have within reach. You can ask family or friends for help, use your savings, or inquire about the credits they give to startups in your region.

The lack of working capital in companies has many disadvantages, so in terms of the Resource management, you’d better minimize risks and minimize costs.

5. See your company born

Already in this step, your dream of starting a company has taken enough shape to the point of becoming a reality, where you start to see the results of so much effort and dedication.

Remember that keeping a current company in the market is a continuous process and creating your company is only the starting point, so whatever happens you should not give up, you must continue taking your business forward.

I have already created my company, what comes next?

After you have created your company, there is still a lot to do, here are some ideas of what you can do after creating your company:

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Find partners

If you want to work alone in your company that is fine, but in case you want more money for your project and you want to rub shoulders with people with ideals like yours, you can look for a couple of responsible partners.

Find employees

If your company requires it, you can look for employees to help you in the various functions of the company; you should look for people with potential and other values ​​that adhere to your company to hire them and you must implement the hard art of human resources application.

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