What are the Strategies and Models of Differentiation and Positioning in Marketing?

If you want to start moving in the world of marketing, surely you have ever come across the terms ‘differentiation’ and ‘positioning’. But do you know what the strategies and models of differentiation and positioning in marketing? In this article we will tell you all about it.

In the context of marketing, both ‘differentiation’ and ‘positioning’ are terms referring to highlight your product or brand, above the competition and make them unique. This will definitely make users aware of your product and want to consume it.

Those who have studied advertising in its various branches and aspects, have formulated multiple models that work as tools to create successful marketing strategies when positioning your brand. In the next section we will talk about them.

Models of differentiation and positioning

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The first model are the four ‘Ps’ of marketing: promotions, prices, place and product. It is probably the most basic model, and it is used when creating marketing plans. These four elements can be adjusted so that your product differentiates itself and is better positioned with respect to the competition.

On the other hand, there are Porter’s Five Forces, a marketing theorist who described a framework for having a competitive advantage over opposing brands. These five forces are supplier power, entry barriers, purchasing power, the threat of substitutes, and the degree of rivalry.

Another model to consider is the Keller brand resonance pyramid. According to this, a brand becomes more differentiated in the consumer’s mind as it moves from the bottom (brand awareness) to the top (judgments and feelings about the brand) of a pyramid.

marketing strategies

Finally, there is the model of separation through innovation. This suggests that innovation and technology can be used to separate your product or brand from the competition, differentiating it. It is a concept that goes hand in hand with today’s world, in constant change.

By doing a good analysis of the market, knowing the importance of digital and traditional marketing today, and applying some of these models to your brand, you will be successful in position yourself above your competition. To do this, we will leave you some strategies in the next section.

Positioning strategies

There are a number of strategies you can use to position your brand above the competition. In this section we will tell you a little about each of them, so that you can develop a marketing plan that best suits your company and that helps you achieve the success you want.

  • In relation to the competition. This strategy consists of directly compare a product of your brand with the same product, but from the competition, trying to show that yours is better.
  • From the attributes of your product. With this, the idea is highlight a feature of your product that makes it unique. For example, you could brag about the quality of the materials it is made with, or the custom design you give it.
  • By the application of the product. In this case, what you should do is offer your product as the most suitable for a particular use or situation. A good example of this is energy drinks.

differentiation and positioning in marketing

  • Based on the benefits it provides or the problems it solves. This strategy is widely used in the case of drugs.
  • Based on the type of user. This strategy seeks to highlight the type of user for whom your product is directed, so that the consumer is reflected On it.
  • By breaking the product category. It consists of moving your product away from what characterizes its category. For example, in the agricultural industry, this strategy is applied by organic brands.
  • Creating a new category of products, so that no competition yet with whom to make a comparison.

We hope that this article on strategies and models of differentiation and positioning in marketing have been useful for you, and that you will be able to apply the marketing control technique that best suits your company. Don’t forget to share this post if you liked it!

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