What are the Types of Business Strategies in International Marketing? – Examples

First of all, a trading strategy is defined, such as the path that allows positioning, the services offered by a company, to market in a profitable manner. In the business plan of most companies, a commercial strategy is reflected. Since, thanks to these strategies, the time in which a product is to be purchased can be prolonged. So, in addition to increasing the company’s profits, it does so by thinking in a longer way.

Some of the steps, which must be followed when making a commercial strategy, are to define the objective of the company, with the commercial strategy, from the public to the aspects of the service or product, analyze the phases of the strategy at the moment to do it, for in the future, have a reference of those that work or not in the company.

Types of trading strategies

With this he refers to the different aspects that a company must take into account, because a product itself is not the only thing it has to focus on. You must also give importance to other aspects of it, such as price, distribution and communication. Which enhance the existing strategy.

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  • Have a strategy about the distribution, with this planning, we aspire to supply the target clientele, we have to offer it in a comfortable and accessible way.
  • Communication process, in this, you have to analyze consumer tastes, to reduce the spectrum of possible buyers, having a defined clientele, to which we will show our ideal products for them.
  • Since we have ready how we are going to distribute and communicate the product, we have to take into account an important factor, which is the cost of the product, taking into account the market to which it is directed, and what the product you are promoting is worth.

Commercial strategies in international trade

Currently with globalization, having so many options in our power through a screen, the public often quickly change their way of thinking, making it difficult to convince you to buy a service from the company. As this market is so exploited, we must be smart when it comes to our strategies in foreign trade. Some aspects that we must take into account to have a good commercial strategy are.

Focus on the product

It seems obvious, but some companies decide to launch their products abroad, as if they were talking about a change of city in the same country, doing it without thinking about the needs of where you trade. This strategy is applied by multinational companies, which seek to give their products more personality in other countries. This can be done with a product already available in the product line.

Limitations in customs

It is very important, when making our international marketing strategy, study the country’s customs policiesThis helps to have a better perception of what challenges this new market presents us with. Since each legislation requires different requirements to market in its territory, in addition to putting several restrictions.

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Analyze the competition in the international market

Our consumers will find a wide range of products before reaching ours, for which the strengths and weaknesses must be defined, with which the company’s products will differ, of the others. We can do this by observing which products are similar to those that are being exported.

Plan who our clients will be

Our clients must be given priority, since with your needs the company will find its market. However, these objectives cannot be achieved from an office, so it can be sold directly to the customer, contacting distribution agents who reach the clientele, or apply both ways.

We hope this article has been helpful to you, each of these strategies requires a more in-depth study, with which success can be guaranteed when it comes to international marketing.

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